About Us

BusinessTRAK is a marketing company positioned to provide a high-value, low-cost solution to increase traffic (web or foot) for any business who caters to the consumer market. 

People don’t always respond to price when making a purchase decision or thinking about attending an event.

To get consumers to take action, they MUST offer something of significant value.  If you offer money, you’re losing profits.  If you offer a bonus or free-gift, it MUST have value – more than offering a discount.  Using our “Travel Rewards Incentive Promotion”, you can offer consumers up to $500 at a cost less than a cup of coffee.

What makes this marketing promotion unique and stand out is that it offers individuals REAL substantial savings when they travel anywhere and at any time. This includes incremental savings at 1,000,00,000 properties worldwide including 5-star hotels and luxury resorts. It provides car rentals, tickets, tours, and activities in most major cities.

There are NO CATCHES. In fact, there is nothing to join, there are no blackout dates, and no timeshare presentations to attend.

This branded premium can …