Attract More Buyers, Increase Profits, And Now, Collect Your Customer Information...
Without Asking!

For Under $3.

Boost your business with a $100 Guaranteed Travel Incentive that costs under $3 per customer.

Yep, you read that correctly. 

You no longer need to KILL your profit margins by offering discounts just to incentivize customers to swing by. 

  • There’s a better way that's less expensive.
  • One which provides your consumers with a hundred dollars of value.
  • And leaves your brand deeply rooted in the minds of your customers.
  • And you can do this with less than $3 per customer.
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8 Important
Business Benefits

Generate Leads/Appointments

Every business need leads, making it easier to speak about a product or service, especially if you’re in real estate, insurance, home-improvement services, or any type of self-employed individual working on commission. The more people you speak with, the more income you’ll generate... Everyone loves getting a good deal, especially when it comes to travel and saving money. You can mail postcards, use door-hangers (popular with home improvement companies), post on your website, in your ads, use in a telemarketing script, or on social media.

Loyal Customer/Client/Thank-You Gifts People love to feel appreciated. Some businesses send Thank-Cards and gifts, whether it’s “after the sale” or just to keep the business name in front of past customers....Think receiving $100 in Guaranteed Travel Savings they can use over 2 years – without doing anything other than being themselves.
Provide Additional Benefits There are thousands of companies benefit by getting consumers to join their organization. Chambers of commerce and Credit Unions are two examples....This $100 Travel Savings gift provides a high-value, low-cost benefit.
Use As Closing Incentive How many times you have you heard someone tell you, “I will think about it and let you know”. ...What if you could “throw-in” a special $100 FREE GIFT as an added bonus that costs LESS THAN ONE DOLLAR?
Build Your Customer List This is one part most business owners fail in – building the customer list (name, email, and phone). Sounds simple, but a large majority never ask. When you give out a $100 Travel Savings Gift, the recipient must redeem it in order to use it....Once they do, WE are collecting the data from them (and much more too). You do offer them the Travel Savings Gift when they add their name to your guest list or we can do this for you and sell you their information as a LEAD. Who wouldn’t give you their name/email/phone if they were getting $100?
Gift / Incentivize Employee It takes time to train and educate employees, so you want them to stick around. Everyone would like to feel they are appreciated....It takes time to train and educate employees, so you want them to stick around. Everyone would like to feel they are appreciated. Based on how you deliver it, I would bet everyone would love to get something they can use over time.
Increase Your Marketing ROI Everyone relies on the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. When people see your ad, it must be compelling enough to get them to take action....If you discount your product or service, you’re losing profits. Using this, you can see you easily INCREASE profits by offering a high-value “gift” (with or without a purchase) costing under $1.
Increasing Sales EVERYONE loves getting DEALS. It’s human nature to feel like you’re getting more “value” from a product or service you’re considering purchasing....Offering $100 in GUARANTEED Travel Savings that has a two-year shelf life is a great incentive/gift - especially for LESS THAN ONE DOLLAR.

Perfect for All types of Industries

So, How Does It Work?

With our Free or Business membership, you can offer your customers this travel savings incentive as part of your promotion

  • With nothing for them to join
  • No blackout dates
  • No travel restrictions
  • No timeshare presentations to attend
  • And no, it is not an MLM.

We’ve partnered up with a private travel club that utilizes a wholesale travel booking engine.

Giving us access to properties with lower, GUARANTEED prices compared to the likes of Expedia & Booking.com 

But why are we telling you this?

Well, because your brand can gain access too.

Upon access, we will grant you the ability to steal an UNLIMITED amount of travel coupons for less than $3 each - and give them out to clients for free, as part of your promotion.

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Characteristics of A Compelling Promotion

It must be HIGH-VALUE

It must be LOW-COST

It must appeal to a WIDE AUDIENCE

What's In It For Your Customers

One word: Value

Each coupon provides each of your customers a HUNDRED dollars of travel savings for over a MILLION worldwide properties for up to TWO years.

This travel incentive can be a valuable and desirable reward for customers, as it gives them the opportunity to plan a vacation or outing at a discounted rate or with added perks. 

As a result your company's products or services become more appealing to customers, as they know they will be receiving an additional value or benefit as part of the purchase.

A pretty neat “gift” for your customers… And it only cost you less than $3 per customer.

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Get Access to Unlimited $100 in GUARANTEED Travel Saving Coupons that you can use for your business.

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Unlimited Coupons:

 each (min qty:100) 

WITHOUT Lead Capture
Unlimited Coupons:
$1.99 each (min qty:5)