Wholesale Partner Training

Starting today, you will have access to all our ads, strategy, and knowledge of the benefits of being a BusinessTRAK “Wholesale Partner” – to get access to incredible wholesale prices. You will receive the following benefits:

  • Get 78% to 92% BELOW our retail pricing for Travel Planet Network access codes.
  • The ability to resell codes at higher prices.
  • Get access to a premade delivery software that allows the distribution of up to thousands of codes with a single click.
  • An opportunity to earn 20% on each wholesale sale.
  • You can also sign on Wholesale Sub Partners and earn 5% on every Wholesale Sale through Sub Partners

Basic Rule #1.

YOU MAY NOT SPAM UNDER ANY CONDITIONS. IF our tech dept has been notified there is spam coming from your REFERRAL ID, your account will be immediately closed, and you will forfeit any forthcoming commissions.  

By proceeding, you understand the conditions in #1 directly above.

Who Are You Targeting?

Our incredible travel promotion is beneficial to numerous types of businesses such as Call Centers, Conventions, Franchises, Auto Dealers, Nonprofits and more!

Call Centers

Call Centers can easily increase agent closing ratios by offering a Travel Savings Plan as an 'incentive'. This incredible promotion is an excellent tool to get more sales.


Increase traffic by including the wholesale cost to entry fee or add this promotion when you sell booths, so exhibitors can offer their preferred customers lodging deals.


Large franchises constantly seek promotional tools to help each of their stores produce more sales. ThIs promotion is designed to draw in more customers.

Auto Dealers

Easily help each store generate more "test-drives" by adding "Get $250 Travel Promotion when you test drive any of our cars! If you're willing to pay under $11 per lead, consider this.


By offering a REAL $500 travel saving "gift" that volunteers, supporters, and donors can purchase for $50 is a great offer. Getting 92% of the revenue is even better.

Selling To Online Companies

You can easily generate revenue by reselling Travel Planet Network ACCESS CODES at higher pricing.

  • Reselling ACCESS CODES is probably the fastest way to generate revenue.

    You can promote (using a variety of our ads) on social media, distribute postcards/business-card-size ads, purchase ads, direct mailers, etc.  

  • Getting Wholesale Sales
    By promoting the benefits of access codes to other businesses, you can easily generate wholesale sales, thus earning 20% commission.

Selling To Offline Companies

  1. Offline companies are like tire stores, restaurants, retail stores, banks and credit unions, real estate and insurance agents are also a great target market. The companies/individuals are either looking for leads, ways to generate traffic, a way to get in the door, close sales, or reward employees.
  2. Now, stores can simply advertise the promotion. For example, if they are running print ads, the retailer could include in the ad: “SPECIAL XYZ RETAIL PROMOTION! Get ACCESS up to $500 in TRAVEL SAVINGS BELOW prices listed on Expedia, Priceline and more, good at 1 million worldwide hotels and resorts. No purchase is necessary. Get Yours at XYZ Retail Store.” This will drive traffic.

Stores can purchase it on behalf of the customer if the customer places an order with the business.

Wholesale Partners Can Help Businesses Increase Sales

Business Owners can benefit immensely by increasing sales WITHOUT discounting. By collaborating with BusinessTrak as a Wholesale Partner, you can help businesses draw in more customers and increase sales. The Access Codes can also be utilized as a ‘reward’ for Employee Rewards, to generate income and more.

Select your business type to learn more about how your business can maximize its success by becoming a Wholesale Partner.

How to Start Advertising To Generate Wholesale Sales

Ad Messages

We have divided ad messages into 2 formats – “words” and “images”.  In each group, we have divided the ads into targeting ACCESS CODES or FINDING NEW PARTNERS. For example, you may want to target just consumers, or you may want to find new Wholesale Partners who are looking to generate income, traffic or exclusive leads.  If you’re targeting FINDING NEW PARTNERS, the link will drive traffic to https://businesstrak.com/bulk

Where To Advertise To Resell Codes

You can advertise messages like this almost anywhere – “Learn How to Get $500 BELOW the Prices on Expedia for $50.  Get Details, for free, especially in social media GROUPS (for example: targeted Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn groups). You can also advertise on classified sites like Craigslist, or tons of free classified websites, i.e., (https://fitsmallbusiness.com/free-advertising-sites/) and/or email your existing list (just keep in mind, no spamming is allowed). 

PLEASE NOTE:  You are NOT allowed to purchase a list and send out any that includes any URL pointing to ANY of our websites.

Posting in Groups – the BEST way to promote FOR FREE.

In order to post in “groups”, you will need to join the group FIRST.  It’s 100% FREE.   Before you start joining just any group, it’s important for you to understand the different types (markets) of groups you’re joining:

  • To generate revenue by promoting Travel Planet TRAVEL SAVING PLANS (Access Codes), you want to post in groups directed at PEOPLE WHO LOVE TO TRAVEL, or VACATION DEALS, or WEDDINGS for example.
  • If you’re looking for PARTNERS, you will want to consider joining different types of “business groups”, i.e, groups focusing on sales and marketing groups.  Keep in mind, there are other vertical category groups as well, i.e., ROOFERS, SWIMMING POOLS, LANDSCAPE, etc, as the members in these groups are looking for ways to get more customers.  The objective is to get people to click on your AD.
  • We recommend you join as many different groups on Facebook and LinkedIn based on your objective (that we will explain in minute). 
  • Here are two YouTube video links that will teach you how join LinkedIn Groups.

How To Use The Automated Delivery System (ADS)

The Automated Delivery System can be used to seamlessly distribute access codes to subpartners and direct customers with just one click. 

Once a Wholesale Partner purchases codes in bulk, we provide the access codes in a .csv file. Handling thousands of access codes can prove to be very difficult, which is why we’ve strategically built our Automated Delivery System. By using this system, wholesale partners can keep track of their inventory, can sign on new subpartners and seamlessly manage and distribute access codes with one click.

Wholesale Partners Can Assign Codes In 2 Ways:

  • Using the Automated Delivery System, Wholesale Partners can assign codes directly to customers AND subpartners.
  • You can create collateral materials, and apply printed labels with your codes to them, then distribute to your audience, or utilize our automated system that allows you to easily distribute access codes to those you choose.

Choosing Your Target

Now that you have a list of groups, the next step is to choose a category you wish to target.  For example:

  • Marketing Travel Planet Network (making money by reselling ACCESS CODES at higher prices)
  • Finding New BusinessTRAK Wholesale Partners (we call this our “money-machines”)
  • Generate leads for your business


As mentioned, THERE IS NO SELLING.  Your objective is to simply post our ads on the different groups you’ve now joined along with your REFERRAL ID.

First, you need to make sure your targeted ad is directed toward your target audience (a specific group you’ve joined) and YOUR REFERRAL ID is set correctly (VERY IMPORTANT!).

Setting Up QR Codes

QR Codes Help Deliver Information To A Customers Phone Instantly, Just By Scanning It.

Placing A Postcard/Businesscard Order Through BusinessTRAK:
As a Partner, you can  place an order for printed postcards/businesscards by visiting: https://www.businesstrak.com/postcards/. If you place an order through our site, we will set up the QR code for you, alongside your logo and other promotion details. The QR code will be linked to your referral ID and when your customers scan the code, they will be redirected to the site to make a purchase with them linked to you, for up to 60 days. If they place an order within that timeframe, your commissions are tracked automatically.

Setting Up A QR Code:

If you do not plan on printing through our site, you would have to set up your QR code yourself. The process of setting up a QR code is extremely simple.

Follow The Steps Below To Get Started:

Step 1: Open https://www.qrcode-monkey.com/

Step 2: Add your complete URL with Referral ID (For Example, https:/www.travelplanetnetwork.com/#referralID

Step 3: You also get an option to change colors according to what you’d like.

Step 4: You can upload your logo to appear on the QR code.

Step 5: If You’d like, you can also customize the QR design in the last step.

Note: Make sure you add the correct URL + Referral ID. This is important to ensure that your commissions are tracked correctly.




Many times, agents struggle their best in trying to close a sale. Instead of offering a discount (often used in closing sales), agents CAN NOW OFFER a simple HIGH-VALUE, LOW-COST promotion that can dramatically increase their closing ratio by providing a FREE GIFT, if they order now. Their customers will be happy, plus their agent's closing ratios will increase exponentially.

Easily increase booth sales.

Lets face it. Conventions can be expensive - for exhibitors as well as attendees. Exhibitors trust that the promoter will generate the traffic. With that being said, you now have an option to provide exhibitors a way to save offset some of their hotel expenses, providing you with you an irresistible incentive to attract more exhibitors. Exhibitors will be happy, Booth sales will increase.


Franchises can use this exciting promotion by purchasing access codes in bulk and offering them as a promotion across all their stores. This exciting promotion is guaranteed to increase sales and maximize engagement. They are an excellent choice for subpartners as they would require codes in bulk according to the number of their locations.


Autodealers can drive traffic to help salespeople by offering a $100 travel savings plan for people interested in taking a test drive for a new/used car.

They can order other travel savings plans as gifts ($100, $250, or $500) when the customer orders auto-repairs/tires, brakes, body work, etc.

They can use this as a Thank You gift (when someone made a purchase or as a holiday gift.

Raise donations without asking for donations

Nonprofits can now offer donors the ability to purchase a $100, $250, or a $500 Travel Savings Plan at 90% off face value. Donors would pay $10, $25, or $50 respectively. When someone you refer makes a purchase, nonprofits earn 50%.

Instead of just “asking” for donations, simply offer this to your volunteers, supporters, and donors. When a purchase is made, your Nonprofit will receive 50% of the revenue generated.