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We Help ALL Tour Operators Generate An Additional 25% (Up To $12.50 Per Customer)
Using A 20-Cent Postcard

Tour Operators simply order our custom-made postcards and distribute them to their customers offering them an option to save up to $500 in GUARANTEED TRAVEL SAVINGS -BELOW Expedia, Priceline, and others, on worldwide hotels and resorts for $50 or less.

Customer Benefits


Those who have access can search and/or book a stay at any of 1,000,000 worldwide hotels including thousands of 5-star resorts.  There is also a 2-year, 200% money back guarantee – meaning that if any user hasn’t saved at least three times what they paid for an access code ($50 or less), over two years, we will double their money back.  

When Their Customer Orders They Earn up to $12.50

Everyone is looking for a good deal – especially tourists.  Tour Operators can sign up to become a “Marketing Partner” and distribute this promotion to all their customers. 

Marketing Partners Benefits:

 – No startup or monthly fees.

– Earn 25% of the revenue (up to $12.50).

– Two places to advertise.

– Free back-office to track clicks and sales.

Marketing Partners simply order postcards
(min of 1,000 for $197 delivered).

Phone Script”

Hi there,
I notice that you’re operating tours in [location]. I wanted to reach out to discuss a potential partnership with our company, BusinessTRAK. We’re both marketing to the same audience, i.e. tourists and I’d like to discuss a solution that can make us both a lot of money.

Hi there,
We’re looking to partner with tour operators in [location] to help companies generate thousands of dollars in additional revenue. We are both marketing to the same demographic, i.e. tourists. We can provide your customers the chance to save up to $500 on their next hotel stay, while also providing you the option to promote yourself.

Hi there,
I’d like to get in touch with someone from your Marketing department to discuss a potential partnership with your tour company. We have an exciting solution that can help your company convert each tour attendee to an additional revenue stream. Our target audience is the same, so our promotion fits you perfectly.

Hi there,
I’d like to get some information about your tours. How many tourists can you accommodate at one time? The reason why I’m asking is, we’re considering reaching out to your company about a potential collaboration to help generate additional revenue. Your target audience is tourists, which is perfect for us too. I’d like to send over some documentation via email for you to review before we discuss further.


This PowerPoint outlines the steps to sign up a Tour Operator (Marketing Partner).  

Pre-written emails for you.  Please feel free to modify

Hi [first name if known],

I’m reaching out to discuss a potential partnership with your tour company. First, we don’t compete.  However, we have the same customer base – tourists.  

While you provide fun and adventure, we provide hotel savings – up to $500 BELOW what Expedia, Priceline, and others charge – for a one-time flat fee of $50.  We have 1,000,000 worldwide hotels and resorts.  There are NO HOOPS to jump through – nothing to join, no blackout dates, no travel restrictions, and no timeshare presentations to attend.  No Gimmicks.  Just Savings.  

If your customer wishes to take advantage of the savings, you will be paid 25% (up to $12.50) – simply from distributing a 20-cent postcard to every customer.  Every postcard is tracked using a QR code and a special URL.  

This promotion can help you generate additional revenue on each tour seat you sell.  

I’m sending over a link for you to review. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions: https://www.wholesaletravel.info/id

Your name
Your Phone

Hi [first name if known], 

I’d like to propose a potential partnership between [Tour Agency Name] and BusinessTRAK. We have an exciting opportunity for tour operators to convert a 20-cent postcard into $12.50 in cash. 

To get more details, please visit: https://www.wholesaletravel.info/id 

Hi [first name if known],

I noticed you’re providing tours in [location]. I wanted to reach out to discuss a potential opportunity for your company. We help tour operators generate thousands in additional revenue. To get more details, please visit: https://www.wholesaletravel.info/id