Welcome To The Tour Operators Program

Watch This.  Learn What We Do.

We Help ALL Tour Operators Generate An Additional 25% (Up To $12.50 Per Customer)
Using A 20-Cent Postcard

You Get 5% From Each Tour Operator You've Set Up.

    Tourists can purchase up to $500 in GUARANTEED TRAVEL SAVINGS -BELOW Expedia, Priceline, and others, on worldwide hotels and resorts for $50 or less.

Customer Benefits


Those who have access can search and/or book a stay at any of 1,000,000 worldwide hotels including thousands of 5-star resorts.  There is also a 2-year, 200% money back guarantee – meaning that if any user hasn’t saved at least three times what they paid for an access code ($50 or less), over two years, we will double their money back.  

We Have Something No One Has

Everyone is looking for a good deal – especially tourists.  Tour Operators can sign up to become a “Marketing Partner” and distribute this promotion to all their customers. 

Marketing Partners Benefits:

 – No startup or monthly fees.

– Earn 25% of the revenue (up to $12.50).

– Two places to advertise.

– Free back-office to track clicks and sales.

Marketing Partners simply order postcards
(min of 1,000 for $197 delivered).

Selected Executive Partners

Selected Executive Partners will be assigned specific metro cities containing hundreds of tour operators in one fashion or another: from bus tours, helicopter tours, walking tours, boat tours, restaurant tours, and many more.

Marketing Partner Earnings

Keep in mind, 99% TOURISTS who take TOURS are traveling and would love to save money.  Due to the nature of the promotion and the target audience of the Tour Operators customer base, 35% to 70% will order a Travel Savings Plan.  But lets just say 20%. 

A Tour Operator (Marketing Partner) who averages 100 customers per day, should generate an around $7,500 additional revenue per month; 300 customers per day, $22,500 additional. 

Executive Partner Earnings

Selected Executive Partners will earn 5% of the sales volume for each Tour Operator they have set up within their specific key cities.

With a 20% projection, each Executive Partner should generate:

  • $1,500 per month for each Tour Operator who generates 100 customers per day; 
  • $4,500 per month who generates 300 customers per day.

    NOTE:  10 accounts that average 300 tours a day will generate $45,000 PER MONTH.

Tour Operators – Money Making Machines

Think of setting up Tour Operators like setting up vending machines. Once it’s in a good location and loaded with supplies (tourists), it just produces income.

Executive Partner Requirements
  • Must have a computer with internet, not just a cell phone.
  • Starting 1st two weeks:  Setup 1-2 “Tour Operators”, 
  • Starting week 3:  Setup 3-5 per week. 
  • You will be calling, collecting email, sending Information, and following Up. The contact list, the script, and the follow-up info will be provided.  
  • Must be skilled in Excel, and MS word.
  • Must track, manage calls/emails, and follow-ups
  • Must provide a weekly call report log with action details
  • Must Communicate Daily via Skype. 

Executive Partner Subscription

FREE to try for 1st 30 days, then $95/mo. or $795/yr.
  • THREE WAYS to Earn
  • Earn $25 For Any Partner You Refer Who Purchases Postcards
  • Earn $50 For Each Executive Partner You Refer
  • Earn 5% Of The Orders Generated From Any Of Your Partners
  • Earn 5% (of 2nd Tier Volume) From Each Executive Partner
  • Includes Free Back-Office