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Imagine offering something almost everyone who travels wants…


Extra Money 

to enjoy their getaway

We provide consumers ACCESS to a WHOLESALE TRAVEL BOOKING ENGINE where they can save up to $500 BELOW the prices on Expedia, Priceline, and others, on 1,000,000 worldwide hotels and/or resorts, including thousands of 5-star properties, for $50 or less. And they can use it immediately, once it’s activated.

There is no blackout dates, nothing to join, no travel restrictions, and no timeshare presentations to attend.  In other words, no gimmicks, just savings.

What We Sell

We sell Travel Planet Network’s Travel Saving Plans (ACCESS CODE) to their Wholesale Booking Engine partner.  WE or TRAVEL PLANET NETWORK DOES NOT BOOK TRAVEL.  We only provide ACCESS to guaranteed cheaper rates than Expedia, Priceline and others. 

Each plan is based on how much the consumer wishes to save.  To save $500, the cost is $50.  To save $250, the cost is $25.  To save $100, the cost is $10.

Why People Want What We Have

First, consumers are paying very high prices for lodging – especially 4 to 5 star resorts. (we are not talking about small independent properties or places like Travelodge, Motel6, Super8, etc.)  The second thing people hate is paying RESORT or PARKING fees, when they are already paying for the room.  Most feel “Resort Benefits” should already be included in the room prices. Unfortunately, most are not.

By accessing the wholesale booking engine, they will now have the extra savings that can offset any resort or parking fees, or used for more fun.  

Here is the job

You simply pass out business card size ads like this. 

Getting Your Cards.

We charge $67 for 1000 cards.  That includes setting up your account, creating the QR code and adding the info to the card, then printing and shipping it anywhere in the continental U.S.  We will also provide you with a free “back-office” so you can check your income stats 24/7 and there is no monthly management fee.  You can upgrade at any time you choose to Business Partner status whenever you choose and earn much more. 

Think about it.  Who do you know (who travels) wouldn’t spend $50 to save $500 of their hotel bill?