You Know We Pay Real Estate Agents to Promote Themselves

Here’s The Page to Help You Find Them!

Welcome Executive Partners.

This page was developed with a prime purpose of help you find partners. It will help give you many ideas (information, ads, and images). If you’re serious about wanting money, then study this page carefully.  

First, Executive Partners get paid 3-4 ways.

1) IF YOU’RE a licensed agent (real estate or insurance),, you can OFFER CONSUMERS A HIGH-VALUE BENEFIT.

EVERYONE LOVES GOOD DEALS and our CONSUMER TRAVEL PROMOTION qualifies.  It will appeal to everyone who loves to travel and save money by using Travel Promotion targeting CONSUMERS.  

ANY real estate agent can do this and make 25% (up to $12.50) from the proceeds of the travel promotion.  All they need are postcards and mailing them to their target audience.

Postcards cost $197 (/1000 which includes tax and freight). The estimated delivery time is between 10-20 working days – based on number of order in the que, printing, and weather (delivery).  Click the link above for details.

IF YOU’RE NOT a licensed agent (real estate or insurance),, you can EARN 3 ADDITIONAL WAYS.


You will earn $25 when someone you refer becomes a Marketing OR Executive Partner and orders postcards.  Not one time, but every time.  Note:  You will NOT receive compensation on YOUR orders.


You will earn $50 for each Executive Partner that completes their 30 day trial and pays for their 1st month’s dues of $95.   


You will earn 5% from their access code orders.  With that being said, it is VITAL to contact as many agents as you can and tell them about our program.

Finding AGENTS is NOT HARD.  You have several options. 

Posting On Social Media

You can post ads in a variety of places such as your Facebook timeline, Active LinkedIn Groups, Instagram, Craigslist, and many others. 

It’s very important when ever you post a written OR graphic ad, it MUST contain your special URL TRACKING LINK you are given once you’ve signed up.   (if you haven’t received on within 48 hours from the time you’ve signed up, let us know immediately).

If you post on your FB timeline or in social media groups, you will need to add CONTENT  –  PICTURES AND TEXT (examples below).  You can do this separately or combined with an image ad.  

We strongly suggest posting ads stating phrases like:   The ad and the message creates enough curiosity to get someone to click the ad/link. 

    1. Get paid to promote yourself.
    2. How to get paid to promote yourself.
    3. Attention ALL Real Estate Agents – New or Seasoned.  Learn how YOU can get paid to promote yourself.
    4. How Real Estate Agents can get paid to promote yourself.
    5. Real Estate Agents – New or Seasoned.  Learn how YOU can get paid to promote yourself.
    6. Realtors – New or Seasoned.  WE PAY YOU to PROMOTE YOURSELF.
    7. WE PAY Real Estate Agents to Promote Themselves.
    8. Realtors – New or Seasoned.  Now can get paid to promote yourself.  ––

These are examples of ads that can be posted on social media, You will simply add a text message shown herein.  

To use any of our images, simply right-click on an image of your choice and save it to your hard-drive.  Go to the social media account of your choice and post it ALONG WITH WORDING and your link.  

Real Estate Flyers

You can also purchase a subscription to a flyer delivery service that will email a flyer to cities, regions of your choice.  Not all flyer delivery services will put our flyers, but this one listed here will.  

We can design a flyer just for you with your your QR code and special URL, then convert it to HTML for you to post.  NOTE if you just post an image, more than likely, it will go to spam, and that would be a waste of money.  That’s why it needs to be converted to HTML.  

We charge $75 to create the flyer, but you may find someone else on or or Upwork who may create it less expensively.  Your choice. 

Flyer delivery is very affordable and can accelerate your income very quickly based on how many counties you target.  

NOTE:  Since these are flyers that can be EMAILED to agents and brokers all over the U.S (and I have to say, very inexpensively.  The company listed above has already approved our marketing flyers.  You can create your own (or we can do this for you).  Just click the CONTACT button on the nav bar and drop us a note with your name and phone number.   

Email Marketing 

Most every major Realtor site has a way to find real estate agents, like,,, and others.  

To do this, you will need three things;  

  1. A different email address, just for this type of marketing; 
  2. A dedicated inbound phone number, as agents may wish to contact you.  You can get two numbers for $9.95/mo. on or you can order one inbound number thru Skype (you will need to have free Skype account too).


  3. You will need the message to send to them.  We have written a few herein.   

Info to post:

  1. Hi [ first name], I’m [ your name].  I live in  [ city ].  I’m planning/thinking about moving to [city] and would like to connect with your broker about joining your company.  I have a background in showing real estate agents how to get paid to market themselves and much more with your help finding them.  Wanted to connect with the broker with some information to see if he’s interested in having me join the company.  I would appreciate it if you could provide me with his name and email address or if it’s not too much trouble, just forward this note to him/her:  Feel free to check it out yourself.  You will be amazed.

  2. Hi [ first name], I’m [ your name].  I’m thinking of moving to [city] soon.  My current company has developed a way FOR AGENTS TO GET PAID TO PROMOTE THEMSELVES and wanted to discuss this with your broker. Could you be so kind as to send me his name/email or simply forward this to him/her?  Thanks.  The link explains it all.

  3. Hi [ first name], I’m [ your name].  I’m thinking of moving to [city] soon.  My current company has developed a way FOR AGENTS TO GET PAID TO PROMOTE THEMSELVES and wanted to discuss this with your broker. Could you be so kind as to send me his name/email or simply forward this to him/her?  Thanks.  The link explains it all.


One thing you should know about real estate agents (or Realtors) is that 99% of the phone numbers that are shown on their website, or even is their cell number.   

EVERYONE LOOKS ON THEIR CELL FOR MESSAGES.   Consider hiring someone to send out text messages for you,  We have their cell numbers. You send out the message.  Just note, you CAN text a short message on how to get paid to market themselves.  All they need to do by law, is send you their “OK”.  At that point you now have their permission to text.  

While people still send text spam (which is illegal, but people do it anyways) asking their permission first will keep you out of trouble, just in case. Once they give you permission, you can now send them message AGAIN, reminding them they can get paid to promote themselves.  

You’re an independent contractor.  You make the decision how you send a text message. 


Finding other Partners is easy.  We have written an ad that you can copy and post on Craigslist.  While it has great content, we highly recommend you re-write the copy a bit differently, as sometime you may see that same words from another Partner who has posted, so be a bit creative.  We have even provided you the pictures too. (not required, but helpful).  Just be sure to use YOUR UNIQUE link.

Place this ad in COMPUTER GIGS – which are about $5-$10 (30 days)  


Social Media $15K+ mo. Get Our Message Out to Real Estate Agents.


<h2>We developed a way that ANY REAL ESTATE or INSURANCE Agent can now get paid to promote themselves. <br><br>

We’re Seeking Your Help in Finding Them. </h2>

<h3>What We Do</h3>

We offer consumers a high-value TRAVEL BENEFIT – where they can purchase access to a Private Wholesale Travel Database with GUARANTEED Travel Savings up to $500 BELOW the prices listed on Expedia, Priceline, and others, for hotels and resorts – for a one-time cost of $50 or less.<br><br>

There is nothing to join, no blackout dates, no timeshare presentations to attend.  No gimmicks, just savings.  Those who have purchased access have two years to use the savings PLUS a 200% money-back guarantee too.

<h3>How It Works. </h3>

The real estate agent simply sponsor the promotion and gets their information printed on both sides of the postcard. Once mailed (minimum 500 per month), consumers will have the opportunity to respond to the high-value Travel Benefit they just received. If a they orders, the agent will receive 25% of the order (up to $12.50).

<h3>What YOU Get. </h3>

  • YOU will receive $25 for every agent you sign up who orders postcards (paid weekly).
  • YOU will receive $50 for every Executive Partner who signs up and completes their 30-day trial period and starts paying for their first full month of paid dues. (paid weekly).
  • YOU will receive 5% from all the volume from all the agents you have signed up who are mailing postcards. (paid 2 times monthly).

<h3>How to Apply.<br><br>

We don’t need resumes.  Either you can see yourself doing this or not. You may NOT SPAM using email or text if they contain links to our website.  If you’re ready to make very serious money, click the link, read the page, and choose how you wish to start – free or free? <br><br>

The ball is in your court. </h3>


<h6>Keywords:  Social media, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn.  Computer knowledge,  marketing, sales, realtors, real estate agents, REMAX, Coldwell banker, century 21, ERA, Berkshire Hathaway, Exit, Keller Williams, Homesmart, Realty One, </h6>

Marketing Postcards

Many times you are out and about and may another approach by creating Marketing Postcards.  These postcards can be handed out to people (real estate agents or not) looking for ways to make money.  

Remember, YOU DON’T and THEY DON’T have to be a real estate agent.  While Executive Partner get paid $25 for each postcard ordered by an agent, they get $50 when you’ve recruited another Executive Partners and they have completed their 30-day trial.  

Here’s a sample of a MARKETING POSTCARD.  Once you become an Executive Partner, you will be able to order these and pass them out. 

If you have questions, please feel free chat online or send us an email (click CONTACT on the nav bar)

last updated: 8/04/2022