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Learn How To Promote This Exciting Opportunity To
Your Students

Welcome Real Estate Schools

This page was developed with the prime purpose of helping you promote this program to your students. It will help give you many ideas (information, ads, and images). You have two ways to promote.

1. Social Media: Post our predesigned ads onto your social media pages and/or groups to reach as many agents as possible.

2. Email: Utilize your existing student database to start generating additional revenue instantly, simply by sending out an email.


Your school will earn $25 when someone you refer becomes a Marketing OR Executive Partner and orders postcards.  Not one time, but every time.  


You will earn $50 for each Executive Partner that completes their 30 day trial and pays for their 1st month’s dues of $95.   


You will earn 5% from their access code orders.  With that being said, it is VITAL to contact as many agents as you can and tell them about our program.

Email Marketing 

This is most definitely the easiest way to market for Real Estate Schools. You already have the data, all you have to do is formulate an email and send it out to your past, current, and future students. 

Email Copy Examples:

1. Hi [ first name],
We’d like to share this exciting opportunity with our students. As fresh real estate agents, we know you’re all looking for a way to promote. This program can help you get paid to market yourselves.

2. Hi [first name],
Are you struggling to get more listings? This exciting promotion can help you stand out from the competition. Provide real value through your marketing efforts, and you’d be very happy with the results.

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last updated: 8/04/2022