Welcome All New Partners

Please Read This FIRST!

It contains important information you need to know to be sure you’re receiving your full earned referral fees.

Step 1: Understanding YOUR REFERRAL ID

Your “Referral ID” consists of 3 parts:

Part 1: What are you wanting to promote?

You have 4 options.

      1. Direct To Consumers (TravelPlanetNetwork.com
      2. Direct To Businesses – using postcards, register receipts, or hangtags
      3. Wholesale Partners, selling bulk orders
      4. Nonprofit Partners, schools, churches or any organization with a 501-c3 IRS status. 

The reader who clicks your ad or link will be sent to the “Specific Landing Page” you choose to promote. 

      1. Promoting Travel Savings Plans (Access Codes), www.TravelPlanetNetwork.com  
      2. Recruiting New Partners:  www.BusinessTRAK.com/executivepartners and/or www.BusinessTRAK.com/tm-partners  
      3. Finding Wholesale Partners:  www.BusinessTRAK.com/wp-2
      4. Recruiting Nonprofits:  www.BusinessTRAK.com/nonprofits
      5. NOTE FOR NONPROFITS: Nonprofits ONLY GET PAID when someone orders a Travel Savings Plan (a $100, $250, or $500 access code)
Part 3: YOUR Referral ID.

This is the referral id that you’ve signed up with.  WARNING!!! MAKE SURE ANY MARKETING/EMAIL ADS CONTAIN YOUR REFERRAL-ID!!

Part 4: Your Tracking URL

For Promoting Travel Saving Plans

    1. For Marketing: https://travelpanetnetwork.com/#referral-id
    2. To Support Ukraine: https://travelplanetnetwork.com/ukraine/#referral-id

Finding New Partners

    1. For Executive Partners use: https://businesstrak.com/executivepartners/#referral-id
    2. For Wholesale Partners use: https://businesstrak.com/wp-2/#referral-id
    3. For Nonprofit Partners use: https://businesstrak.com/nonprofits/#referral-id

>>>R E A D   T H I S <<<  BE SURE there is a “hashtag” (#) after the “/” and that your referral is added (with no spaces).  IT’S VERY IMPORTANT YOU USE THE CORRECT TRACKING URL.

Step 2: Start Promoting!

You can send emails (however, you CANNOT SPAM) or you can post any of our pre-designed ads (along with your referral-id) on social media (whether it’s on your Facebook timeline, buying FB ads, joining groups on FB or LinkedIn), you have it all. To learn how to utilize banners and URLs, click on ‘Promotions -> Watch Before Posting Ads’. After you’ve watched that quick video, simply navigate towards ‘Promotions -> Banners & Links’. You’ll see different banners with a ‘Get Banner Code’ button.

Step 3: Earn Commission!

Start earning as soon as your referrals start making purchases. You get a percentage of each sale AND you’ll earn a percentage of your subpartner sales as well!