We PAY Real Estate Agent To Promote Themselves.

You Get Paid Showing Them How.  Earn $10K+ Monthly!

Get Paid Weekly.  No License Required.  Work Remotely.

Real estate is highly competitive.  Every agent MUST PROMOTE if they want to be successful.  We have created a way they can AND have the ability to generate thousands of dollars in referral fees when they do by offering their prospects up to $500 in GUARANTEED Travel Savings BELOW the prices listed on Expedia, Priceline, and others for $50 less.

3 Benefits for Realtors

  1. Opportunity to give prospects a valuable high-value, low-cost travel gift.
  2. Opportunity to build a relationship with the hopes of generating listings.
  3. Opportunity to generate hundreds if not thousands in dollars to offset the advertising.

The Job.

We are seeking Marketing Reps to show agents HOW THEY CAN GET PAID TO PROMOTE THEMSELVES while make money between closings by using our Travel Promotion.

About The Promotion

Summer is here.  Everyone is looking for a way to go somewhere, but the high costs of fuel, airfare, and hotels, have stopped thousands. We can help.

Consumers now have a way to access our WHOLESALE TRAVEL DATABASE that provides up to $500 in GUARANTEED Travel Savings BELOW the prices on Expedia, Priceline, and all the others, for $50 or less.

There is nothing to join, no blackout dates, no travel restrictions, and no timeshare presentations to attend and comes with a 2-year, 200% money back guarantee too. 

Note:  We DO NOT book travel, but ONLY provide ACCESS to the Wholesale Travel Database.  Once the consumer purchases an “Access Code”, they can book directly on the platform themselves, just like they would on Expedia, Priceline, and others at any of 1,000,000 worldwide hotels and resorts.

How It Works

Agents simply order our special marketing postcards that include information about the promotion AND space for the agent to add their photo, name, email, phone, and more (on the front and back) and mail (or hand-deliver) them to the selected areas of their choosing. 

EVERYONE loves deals – especially when it comes to travel, so there is a very high probability consumers will take advance of the promotion. When they do, the agent will receive 25% of the order (up to $12.50).   

The chart below shows example of possible earnings an agent can generate from a mailing.

Agents can also partner with insurance agents and/or mortgage companies too, to help offset the mailing cost. 

Market To BROKERS, Not Agents.

Brokers make money from their agents, so we have also created an incentive for brokers to promote our travel incentive to their agents, especially new agents or agents who know the importance of keeping their name in front of consumers. 

The best way to do this is to set an appointment to meet with the broker, explain the promotion, and how it can benefit him as well – without spending a dime.

Brokers will receive 5% of every transaction from the promotion (up to $2.50) of the volume of their agents. You can see from the chart below, how lucrative this can be for the broker, so it’s best to have them on your team.  

How YOU Earn

We know everyone looking at this page needs to make money as quickly as possible.  For that reason we have created two income streams. 

  1. Immediate Income:  You will earn $25 from every postcard ordered. Not just the first order, but from every reorder too – paid weekly.  If you sell 20 orders a day, that’s $500 income per day ($25 x 20 agent x 21 working days = $10,750 per month).

NOTE:  Keep in mind that, most offices have between 20 – 50 agents or more.  This is why is very important you work with Brokers, not agents at first.

2. Longer-Term Income:  Once the agent starts sending out their postcards, YOU will receive 5% from every order (the same as the broker – see chart above).  You show the broker the program and assist him promoting to his agents.  We will even provide you, the agent and the broker with a free BACK-OFFICE that will track all the orders so everyone can see what’s going on 24/7. 


We can provide tons of data for real estate offices. 

Learn About The Promotion

Postcard Examples

Click On An Image To Enlarge

Real Estate Agents simply purchase our custom postcards that explain the promotion.  Each agent will have their own QR Tracking Code and Custom URL, and includes freight, delivered within 10 working days.  

To Apply

Complete the form below including a cover letter detailing your experience. NO BASIC TELEMARKETERS or beginners. You MUST be available full time and can work anywhere in the world as long as you have computer with internet, (not just a phone) as you will doing Zoom and Skype online meetings. Be sure you have skype installed on your computer for an interview.