Convert Unsold Ad Space


How To Convert Unused Ad Space Into Thousands In Additional Revenue

Most, if not All publishers race to sell as many ads as possible before their deadline. If unsold, unused space is used for editorial (filler). Now publishers have an option.

Once a publisher becomes a Marketing Partner (at zero cost), they can, at the last minute, call us with a space they have available for one of our promotional ads.  They can choose from a variety of pre-designed ads and sizes, or we can create something just for them. The ad will contain a unique QR Code and URL that tracks the orders from each publisher. 

Publishers receive 25% from each travel promotion sold – up to $12.50 verses ZERO using editorial. They also receive a free “back-office” where they can see in real time the number of clicks and sales their ad generated.

Here’s the bottom line. 

IT COSTS NOTHING AND publishers have the opportunity to use unsold space to generate revenue and add more to their bottom line.

We provide publishers with our free ads where their readers can save up to $500 in guaranteed travel savings BELOW the prices listed on Expedia, Priceline, and others, on 1 million worldwide hotels and resorts, for onetime fee of $50 or less.  
There’s nothing to join. No blackout dates.  No travel restrictions.  No timeshare presentations to attend. NO GIMMICKS. JUST SAVINGS. 

Consumers can order this TRAVEL PROMOTION from any of our “Marketing Partners” (publishers). 

Here are SOME pre-made ads.  All we need to do is add your QR Code and URL to any ad.  We can even edit the shape for a small fee. 

See an example of an editorial WITH an ad.

Become A Partner

Generate Unlimited Earnings

Marketing Partner

  • 25% on all Travel Planet Access Codes sold
  • Access to a complete back-office 24/7

Executive Partner

$ FREE for 30 DAYS Thereafter $95/mo ($795 annually)
  • Same Features as Marketing Partner PLUS:
  • Ability to Setup Partners and Earn A Bonus On their Volume
  • 5% on ALL Your Partners’ Orders
  • Access to training section
  • Access to a complete back-office 24/7


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