Promote WITHOUT Discounting

How to increase response from any ad WITHOUT promoting discounts.

Here is a valuable travel incentive that can dramatically increase your ROI on ANY form of advertising, resulting in increased sales with a “next to nothing” cost.

Here’s a fact.

Most purchase decisions are based on 2 things; price or receiving something of real value for free.

As a consumer, ask yourself this…

“Would you rather get $50 discount on a product or service OR receive a $200 (or even a $2000) savings that can be used at hotels, resorts, all-inclusive luxury condos, and more with NO blackout dates, nothing to join, no expiration dates, and no timeshare presentations to attend?

The truth is most consumers would take the promotion over money.

Generate More Traffic and Sales for Less Money

Most businesses ALREADY either spend money advertising or communicate with their existing customer base through email. Instead of promoting discounts, simply advertise our $200 or $2000 Travel Savings Card that can be used worldwide – customized with your company name for under $3 each.

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