How Professionals can generate more business in attracting new customer using this promotion


Home Improvement Contractors

Contractors have an opportunity to make money when they are personally referred by a satisfied customer or when someone requests a quote.  We can show you how to get your phone to ring, using a simple door hanger (see examples).  A $2000 Wholesale Travel Savings Card (WTSC) is an excellent way to open many doors.


Service Contracts

Service/Maintenance contracts can generate enormous profits for a company.  Most people make buying decisions based on either price or valuable free gift with purchase.  Offering the Wholesale Travel Savings Card (WTSC) can be an enormous closing tool to get buyers to take action.

pet grooming

Pet Grooming

The "pet grooming" industry is exploding, due to the millions of people who are pet owners (whether or not they have kids).  You can give attract NEW customers with a $200 (or $2000) Wholesale Travel Savings Card (WTSC) with 5 or more visits.


Auto Repair

Most people own cars that require maintenance from time to time.  Lots of these stores advertise in local shoppers or by using direct mail coupons such as ValPak or MoneyMailer.  You can set yourself apart from your competition by offering new or rewarding repeat customers with a Wholesale Travel Savings Card (WTSC).


Dentists & Chiropractors

Everyone is on a constant lookout for ways to attract new patients - especially with dentists and chiropractors.  While many doctors can get people to come in for a low-cost or free exam, getting them to pull the trigger making a high-price commitment is another matter.  This is where using the Wholesale Travel Savings Card (WTSC) comes in.  It offers a high-value free gift which can be offered to new patients to get them to sign up.


Realtors and Insurance Agents

Whether your a Realtor looking for ways to obtain listings or an insurance agent looking to do quotes or providing a thank you gift when a policy gets written, the Wholesale Travel Savings Card (WTSC) is a perfect fit.

Remember, the WTSC has a high-value when used, but a low cost (as little as $1.47).


HVAC Services

This is a highly competitive industry - which is usually based solely on who has the best price.  Using the Wholesale Travel Savings Card (WTSC) incentive can give a huge edge.  We can even offer exclusives based on zip codes or regions based on the quantity of the order.


Massage & Spas

Most everyone loves getting a massage.  It makes you feel great.  Instead of promoting a ONE-TIME visit, create a promotion by offering clients the Wholesale Travel Savings Card (WTSC) by purchasing a block of massages upfront.  Another option is to give them a "punch-card".  When they have had 5 massages, they get the WTSC.


Health Clubs

Looking to increase memberships?  Offering the Wholesale Travel Savings Card (WTSC) is a great option considering the HIGH-VALUE, LOW-COST incentive.  It's an additional FREE BENEFIT when they become a member of the club.


Pool & Landscape

Here are 2 options - selling and/or servicing.  Offering the $2000 Wholesale Travel Savings Card (WTSC) to get customers to sign a service contract with your company is a fantastic cost incentive to increase your profit margins considering the cost of the TRC is less than a cup of coffee.  It can also be used to increase the purchase. For example, spend $250 on plants and receive a $2000 Wholesale Travel Savings Card.