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Bulk Pricing - 5/6/22

Access Pricing

Access Pricing
50%-92% BELOW List

As part of our WHOLESALE family, you can purchase “access codes” in bulk and even create
your own program, if you choose!  

As part of our WHOLESALE family, you can purchase “access codes” in bulk and even create
your own program, if you choose!  

100 Units

$ 24.97

250 Units

$ 14.97

500 Units

$ 10.97

1,000 Units

$ 8.47

1,500 Units

$ 7.47

2,500 Units

$ 6.47

5000 Units

$ 5.97

10,000 Units

$ 5.47

25,000 Units

$ 4.47

50,000+ Units

$ 3.97

Three Delivery Options


Once your purchase your access codes in bulk, your codes will be sent over as a CSV file.  If you choose the csv delivery method, you can import and map the CSV file into any existing database you have access, the print out the labels or include the access code with instructions to your targeted audience when needed.

2) GIFT CARDS (Approx 3 Weeks)

If you're looking to present/hand-out a "physical" access code to your customers/clients, consider ordering greeting cards (example herein).  This is a 4" x 6" 14pt full color coated postcard folded to 3" x 4" in size.  You will have many options in creating a special greeting card just for your company or organization.  

You can choose the background images, the layout on 3 panels (one reserved for Travel Planet containing the actual access code and where to go to activate it.)    


AS A BENEFIT FOR BEING A WHOLESALE PARTNER, you will have the option to use our Automated Digital Delivery System (ADDS), that allows you to seamlessly streamline your entire code delivery process to either end-users or any sub-partner you choose.  Once your access codes are loaded, the system allows you to seamlessly distribute access codes to sub-partners and/or sell them directly with one click. There is no additional cost.

Example Of A Gift Card

Step 1. Please complete the form below. Once that has been submitted, you will be redirect to the Wholesale Partnership Agreement.

Personal Information
Additional Information
Discounted Prices

Wholesale Partners can get 78% to 92% BELOW our Retail Pricing

As  a wholesale partner can purchase and resell our Travel Saving Plans themselves.  The minimum quantity is 500 units at a cost of $10.97 ea.  The suggested LIST PRICE ranges from a low of $10 for a $100 Travel Savings Plan to a max of $50 for a $500 plan. 

Automated Delivery System

Brand New Automated Delivery System for Wholesale Partners. 

Once you purchase your access codes in bulk, we will provide you with an exceptional benefit. We have built an AUTOMATED  DELIVERY SYSTEM that allows you to seamlessly streamline your entire code delivery process - for free.  We will upload your codes, then provide you a user-id/pass.  You simply enter some info of the person you wish to send a code to, and hit submit.  The code is then removed from your inventory of codes. Very simple. 


Resell Individual Codes

Resell The Codes At Higher Prices

Since you're purchasing the codes at incredibly discounted pricing, you can resell the codes at whatever price you choose. 

Although setting the selling price is completely up to you, it is important to carefully decide what value you're aiming to provide to your customers. The access codes provide savings up to $100, $250 and $500. 

What you should think about - how much would your potential customers be willing to pay to save on their hotel costs?

Resell Codes In Bulk

Resell Or Transfer Your To Anyone You Choose.

When you sign on as a Wholesale Partner, you have an option to sell your codes in bulk to a 'sub-partner'.  A Sub-partner could be any sort of business or individual looking to use these codes as a promotion. 

By collaborating with BusinessTrak as a Wholesale Partner, you can draw in more customers, generate addition income, and close sales without discounting your product or service.

The Access Codes can also be utilized as a ‘reward’ for Employee Rewards or customer appreciation and more.

Access to Promotional Materials

Get Access To Predesigned Promotional Materials

We have a variety of ads that you can post on social media, allowing you to select a style that works best for your industry and demographics. 

All of our postcards feature the essential information your customers need to take advantage of our travel deals. Plus, you have the option to offer "ad space" on select collateral materials.