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No Credit Card Needed  

Here's What We Do

BusinessTRAK works with Travel Planet Network To Sell ACCESS To A Private Wholesale Travel Booking Engine (like travel agents use),

providing up to $500 in GUARANTEED Travel Savings BELOW Expedia, Priceline, and others, on 1,000,000 Worldwide Hotels and Resorts.
You have two choices.
1. Purchase A Travel Savings Plan (Click Button Below)
2. Become A Partner And Start bringing in money

The Marketing Partner Program

Make Up To $3750 Per Month By Simply Passing Out A 5 cent Postcard

There are two types of Marketing Partners:

1. Individuals (Tourists, people going to conventions etc.)

Individuals can promote these travel saving plans by purchasing postcards and handing them out in high tourist areas. Everybody is looking to save on travel, which is what makes this promotion irresistible.

2. Businesses (Must have large number of transactions daily)

Businesses can easily hand out our predesigned engaging postcards with each sale. Whenever someone scans the QR code on the front of the postcard, the business can earn up to $12.50

The Executive Partner Program

Set Up Your Own Business By Signing On Subpartners. The Potential Is Limitless. You Can Earn $9000+

There are 2 Types Of Executive Partners:

1. Individuals

Similar to Marketing Partners, Executive Partners can STILL promote directly to customers, and earn 25% on each referral sale.

2. Sign Up Businesses

Executive Partners can sign up businesses as subpartners and earn 5% off of each sale that comes through their subpartners. If an Executive Partner manages to sign up a business that has a large number of transactions, they’ve just set up a cash vending machine for themselves! 

The Partner Program

Creates a unique way to promote any business or where they can earn revenue, simply by offering their customers/clients a HIGH-VALUE TRAVEL PROMOTION (up to $500), that can be used at 1 million worldwide hotels and resorts, including thousands of 5-star properties, up to 2 years, for $50 or less. 

As a Partner, you can use this promotion to drive substantial traffic (both online and offline), close sales, and/or raise money for nonprofits, schools and more. 

Choose A Partner "Type"

This partner type focuses on promoting in bulk to businesses, setting up subpartners and promoting to consumers

This partner type focuses on promoting directly to consumers

Marketing Partner Subscription

$0 / month
  • $0 Monthly
  • Includes Back-Office
  • Guided Video Instructions
  • Predesigned Ads
  • Required: To purchase a minimum of 500 marketing postcards
  • Required: 1 $500 access code for $50 or 5000 in postcards.

Executive Partner Subscription

$95 / month
  • $95/mo. ($495 annually).
  • Includes Back-Office
  • Guided Video Instructions
  • Predesigned Ads
  • Required: To Purchase A Minimum Of 1000 Postcards
  • Can Sign On Subpartners and Earn 5% Commission On Their Sales
  • Required: 1 $500 Access Code For $50 or 5000 In Postcards.