Program overview

2 Partners – 2 Programs

We provide what 

ALL DIRECT Salespeople Want!

The ability to generate their own exclusive leads without buying them.

We don’t sell leads.  Instead, we created a solution to help most salespeople to Generate Their Own Exclusive Leads WITHOUT buying them up front, by simply posting ads on social media. 

If you can COPY-PASTE-POST text and images, you can make money easily. It’s perfect for anyone seeking ways to generate leads, traffic, or those looking for ways to generate income.

If you want Leads, Traffic, or Incomewe have it all. 

2 Partner Options

  1. LIMITED PARTNERS earn a ONE-TIME fee when they refer a new Premium Partners who enroll.
  2. PREMIUM PARTNERS earn a monthly RESIDUAL INCOME from all Premium Partners who they have enrolled.
  3. Only PREMUM PARTNERS can promote, sell, or giveaway any of our Travel Saving Plans to generate traffic or leads.

2 Partner Programs

  1. The ability to GENERATE EXCLUSIVE LEADS any only pay for them IF THEY THINK IT’S GOOD.  This program is only for Premium Partners.
  2. The ability to promote our Partner Program to help people looking to generate income by posting our pre-designed image/video ads or pre-written text-ads on social media.