Our Partner Program


No Credit Card Needed.  

The Partner Program

Creates a unique way to promote any business or earn revenue, simply by offering consumers a HIGH-VALUE TRAVEL PROMOTION (up to $500), that can be used at 1 million worldwide hotels and resorts, including thousands of 5-star properties, up to 2 years, for $50 or less. 

As a Partner, you can use this promotion to drive substantial traffic (both online and offline), close sales, and/or raise money for nonprofits, schools and more. 

It's Simple. NO SELLING.  Just Copy-Paste-Post Our Ads.

Follow 4 Simple Steps Below

Step 1

Become a BusinessTRAK Partner.

Step 2

Once your account has been activated, go to the training area and choose a pre-designed or pre-written ad to post.

Step 3

Now, simply Copy, Paste, and POST the ads on social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.).

Step 4

Once visitors click the link to your ad and make a purchase, you'll earn a commission.