Nonprofit Fundraising Tips: Creative Ways To Thank Your Donors

Nonprofit professionals know thanking donors is not only an expression of gratitude and good manners, but rather a way of building relationships. When done properly, it can encourage future donors and continued involvement, whether it’s volunteering, fundraising, or becoming an ambassador. Below, we rounded up creative and meaningful ways to delight your supporters.


Show Appreciation on Your Website

Since so many people come through your main website, it’s a great place to showcase public appreciate about your supporters. To take advantage of this opportunity, you can develop a section on your website that acknowledges the commitment of your supporters: one-time donors, recurring givers, peer-to-peer fundraisers, etc.

You can post messages to this part of your site that promotes your thankfulness and shows your appreciation for the time, effort, and impact these individuals have made to your nonprofit. This is a personal connection to your donors that can boost engagement with fundraising campaigns and loyalty to your organization.


Send Donors Thank You Letters

One of the simplest ways to thank your donors and give them recognition for their gift is to send a donor thank you letter. It’s crucial that you send this letter no more than two days after you receive someone’s donation. The longer you wait, the less sincere your thank you could feel. That, in turn, creates a negative donor experience which could prohibit someone from returning to participate in future campaigns.


Offer Donors A High-Value Thank-You Gift

 Another creative way to thank your donors is to thank them in a tangible way with a high-value thank-you gift. To do that, you should be able to find a valuable reward for most, if not all, of your donors. Free tee-shirts, calendars, bags, or any other product seems to not have much value to them.

How about a thank-you gift in the form of travel savings codes? Everyone loves traveling and needs travel, whether for business, a one-day trip to get away with family, or a long holiday after hard-working time. You can offer your donors real travel savings of $100, $250, and $500 depending on the money donors giving to your organization. The best part is you only have to pay 10% of the travel savings plans ($10, $25, and $50) to get them!

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Resolve Complaints Quickly

When donors share feedback, either positive or negative, they’re opening lines of communication with you. It’s easy to respond to positive feedback, but when someone sends a complaint it can be a bit more difficult. Regardless, this is an opportunity for your nonprofit to quickly engage with them and, above all else, thank them for their input.

When you get a complaint, it’s important you resolve any issues within 24 hours. If you don’t know how to respond to a complaint, a simple three-pronged approach of “aware, working, and update” will suffice. Essentially, this shows that you’re aware of the donor’s situation, working on the problem, and will update them as soon as you know more.


Use Video

Video is a powerful medium because it has the potential to capture imaginations and stir emotions through vivid images, well-crafted dialogue, and powerful music. It’s a tool commonly used by nonprofits to market and communicate with the public, and it has a wide variety of use cases.

For example, video can be used to clearly and simply acknowledge and thank supporters for their donation. A two-to-five minute thank you video will not only engage your donors, but is an incendiary tactic to publicly promote and recognize the hard work of your dedicated supporters.

Use Social Media

Social media is a powerful channel that your nonprofit can leverage to thank donors. When you thank donors on social media, they feel excitement that your nonprofit is giving them a shout out. Beyond that, it also promotes your mission, campaigns, and dedicated supporters to the rest of the world outside of your donor network. You can create a graphic to summarise organization’s achievements, and then tag all your relevant supporters in the social media post.


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