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Stop losing money on discounts, and increase your sales, at the same time.

A Cost Effective Solution Helping Companies Generate Revenue

Consider This

If You Offer Discounts

If Your Business Offers A Cash Discount (for example $175). You Lose $175 In Profit!

However, If You Change The Ad Message To Read: ​

"Get Up TO $500 In GUARANTEED TRAVEL SAVINGS BELOW Expedia, Priceline and many others on 1,000,000 hotels and resorts when you spend $XYS or more"

Maximize Your Profit

In the scenario mentioned above, you lose only $25 in profit as compared to the $175 loss. Therefore, this promotion is an EXCELLENT alternative to discounting.

An incentive worth $500 in value, perfect for:

  • Increasing Traffic
  • Reselling The ACCESS CODES
  • Giving Away for Free with Purchase
  • Thank-You / Customer Appreciation Gifts
  • Employee Gifts and Bonuses
  • Member Benefits
  • Generating Exclusive Appointments

Benefits of buying BULK codes

Substantial Savings

BusinessTRAK sells access codes in bulk to businesses at 78% to 92% below Travel Planet Network's list price.

Three Delivery Options

1.) CSV file: You can print labels and attach them to whatever collateral you choose.
2.) Cards: We can provide and customize 3” x 4” gift or greeting cards and attach the access codes for you.
3.) Automatically share code to customers or partners: You can use our Automated Digital Delivery System (ADDS) to transfer codes directly to consumers or provide each store you have a share of your bulk codes for them to distribute.

Insane resale profits

Depending on your order quantity, you can get each access code for as little as under $4. If you choose to resell, that’s a profit of $46 for each code. No inventory concerns, no logistical nightmares, and no delivery problems, with a 92% profit margin!

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