Business Markets

The truth about travel programs

Expedia and Priceline own 90% of most online PUBLIC travel agencies (OTA’s), i.e, Orbitz, Travelocity, Hotwire, and most of the rest. They make you THINK with their advertising, that one is cheaper than the other when really, they are not.   

However, what most people don’t know, is there are Private WHOLESALE Travel Booking Engines that do not advertise.  Some sell high-priced memberships, we don’t.  

We’ve partnered with Travel Planet Network for 3 reasons.  1)  There is no cost to join.  2) They GUARANTEE users can save up to $500 BELOW the prices listed on the public engines, and 3) they will also have a DOUBLE money-back guarantee, meaning if they haven’t saved at least 3 times what they paid, Travel Planet Network will pay them twice the price of the travel savings plan they purchased – up to 2 years.   

There are 1,000,000 Hotels & Resorts, including thousands of 5-star properties.  The cost to access their Travel Planet Network’s Wholesale Booking Engine is based on how much the user wishes to save.  Save $500, the cost is $50.  To save $250, the cost is $25.   To save $100, the cost is $10.  You will have access for 2-years or until the savings are used up.   

The Markets

  1. Retailers

Usage Idea:   What many business owners forget to realize is PROFITS, NOT SALES determine the success of an ad campaign.  Increase sales WITHOUT DISCOUNTING 

    1. PRICE:  Most (not all) merchants usually offer a percentage off (discount).  The determining factor for most successful companies is HOW LARGE can this number be to generate profit and large enough to get consumers to take action.   If the discount is small number, it may result in fewer sales, however, if it’s large, now they need to be concerned with how much profit (or loss) they are generating from each order.  
    2. VALUE:  Let’s say a product sells for $300 and let’s say you could afford to offer a 30% discount ($90 of your profit).   If a cash discount is used, the store loses $90.  However, if they used a $250 FREE GIFT in REAL GUARANTEED TRAVEL SAVINGS the consumer could use up to 2 years, the cost would be $18.75, resulting in an INCREASE of $71.25. 
      • The store can simply distribute postcards containing information about the travel promotion (just to generate traffic) or they can order it for their customers as a Thank You gift for their order.
      • The store will earn 25%-40% off our retail pricing, based on the type of partner they become.
  1. Tour Bus Operators

Usage Idea:  Tour companies ALWAYS promote.  The way we suggest is to use 4” x 6” full-color 2-sided postcards. 

    • Generating money
      • There are two options.  1) Tour Company signs ups a Standard Partner.  They purchase postcards (we will provide the artwork).  They simply place a postcard on each passenger seat before the tour.  That’s it.   The postcards also include space for the tour bus operators ad for future tours.  The tour bus operator can receive 25% to 40% of the revenue (max of $12.50 to $20.00 per order – with no effort other than printing and passing out the postcards).
    • Generating traffic
      • When they advertise for their tours, they could easily add a small blurb i.e.,  Take our tour,  Get up to $500 on hotel savings for $50 or less.  1,000,000 worldwide hotels to choose from.
  1. Restaurants
Usage Idea:  Many restaurants try to increase sales by offering buy 1, get 1 free.  However, that creates two issues.  1) they lose money giving away food in order to try and get more customers.  Not only is the cost in the food, but it’s also the cost in labor to prepare it, plus the wait staff gets screwed as they normally get tips based on the bottom line.   

Here is how Travel Planet Network can be used:

OPTION 1:  Place a one-sided postcard (that we will provide) on each table.  The card reads:  Spend $100, get $250 In Guaranteed travel savings.  Spend $200, get $500 in guaranteed travel savings.   The restaurant orders a Travel Savings Plan based on what the customer spends – one at a time – as needed.  The restaurant pays the regular price but will get back 25%-40% of their spend, based on the type of Partner they are.   

OPTION 2:  (perfect for takeout) Give a postcard to everyone (we will supply the artwork – the restaurant prints the postcards).  Each postcard will have the referral id (from the restaurant) on the back along with information about the promotion.  If the customer orders, the restaurant just increases their profits 25%-40% of what the customer purchased, WITHOUT spending a dime on food or wait-staff.

  1. Auto Dealers

Usage Idea:  The Dealers can use the promotion in various ways.  

  1. Drive traffic to help salespeople by offering a $100 travel savings plan for people interested in taking a test drive for a new/used car.   
  2. They can order other travel savings plans as gifts ($100, $250, or $500) when the customer orders auto-repairs/tires, brakes, body work, etc
  3. They can use this as a Thank You gift (when someone made a purchase or as a holiday gift.
  1. Big Box Stores – Grocery Store Chains

Usage Idea:  Stores can offer their customers the TRAVEL SAVINGS Promotion during check-out – by printing/distributing our pre-designed Postcards (with the stores’ referral code or on the back of the register receipt.  When a customer purchases, they can receive 25% to 40% of the revenue generated.  

    • Generating traffic:  They can run ads to drive traffic in their store by offering consumers up to $500 in Travel Savings for a flat $50. They can either advertise the promotion to attract potential new customers by adding “No Purchase Is Necessary
  1. Banks

Usage Idea:   Banks offer numerous “free” services like savings accounts and free checking.  Now consumers can get GUARANTEED SAVINGS up to $500 on 1,000,000 Worldwide Hotels and Resorts, including thousands of 5-star properties, BELOW the prices shown on “public” booking engines”  when they open a new account or make large deposits.  

They can use our postcards (artwork provided), including a space for the bank to add a promotion of their own.  The bank will only have to print the postcards for handouts.

  1. Credit Unions

Usage Idea:  Credit Unions provide benefits for their members.  The Credit Union simply sends out messages to their members about the travel savings promotion.  If the Credit Union is a NON-PROFIT, they will receive 50% from every access code ordered from their members.  

They have 3 options: 

    1. Members can simply order (max cost of $50) and the Credit Union will receive 50% of the money generated
    2. They can offer their members a DISCOUNT  (off the retail price).
    3. The Credit Union can keep or donate the money to a charity of their choosing.  
  1. Chamber of Commerce’s

Usage Idea:  Partner With The Chamber

    • The best option:  TRADE “a Business BusinessTRAK Partnership” (worth $197 per month or paid yearly at $1997), which is more than enough to cover the cost of most chamber memberships.  Unfortunately, many chambers won’t trade.  However this can be a good thing.  Here’s how.
    • Most Chambers provide their members with the name, address, business name, phone number, email, URL, business category, of other members.  Your objective is to meet with every possible member (its easy as you yourself are a Chamber Member).  Let them know one of your jobs to help other members increase traffic, sales, and profits – at not cost.  
    • If they are interested, simply demo the program.  If you’re a Business Partner, and a member signs up for a Free Standard Member, you will earn 10% of each access code referred by them – which is HUGE.  
    • NOTE:  If the Chamber did A MEMBERSHIP TRADE, they would earn 10%.  For certain applications such as this model, our Business Partners will receive a 5% over the entire chamber.  
    • Generating traffic – Attracting New Members.
      • If the chamber makes a TRADE on the memberships, the chamber can use this promotion to attract new and renew current members by using this as an incentive to get people to join or renew their memberships. If they do, THEY could offer every one of their memberships a Free Standard BusinessTRAK Partnership.  
  1. Nonprofits

Usage Idea: Generating money

Federal Unemployment is OVER.  Millions are looking for ways to make money.  With this, it’s simple.  Just promote on social media (or in print).  That’s it.   If a customer orders, you will earn 25%.  A $500 Travel Savings Plan costs $50.  You will earn a minimum of $12.50, with no investment or risk. 

    • Think about this.  “Would YOU invest $50 to get $500 in GUARANTEED TRAVEL SAVINGS BELOW EXPEDIA over the next 2 years?  If Yes, Click Here”.   NOTE: The ad creates enough curiosity that most visitors will click yes – it’s a $500 value, with a $50 cost.  A no-brainer, for anyone who stays in hotels.
  1. Kickstarter/Crowdfunding

Usage Idea:   The reality: Kickstarter is not a something for nothing community. You must ship out rewards. You must have a high quality prototype, and you must have a compelling vision for the future. Those who want to be funded get a group of backers to donate to their project and then promise the backers with an incentive or reward.

  • Generating money:  You can present Travel Saving Codes on the platform, run a campaign for, offer to backers, and earn 25% of every purchase made through your campaigns.
  1.  Schools & Sports Teams

Usage Idea:  ALL schools (public and private) NEED MONEY for various student activities.  

    • Generating money:  Schools print and distribute POSTCARDS (with the school’s REFERRAL ID printed on the back).  The postcard explains how consumers benefit.  Schools distribute bundles of postcards to their teachers and the teachers distribute the postcards to their students.  Students simply hand-out postcards to their family, relatives, and neighbors.  Parents can even take postcards to work as well.  Parents can even email our pre-made ads to their friends and/or post on social media.  
    • Postcards have space on the back.  Schools ask local business owners to print the postcards (we will provide the artwork), and are provided with ad space on the back, resulting in no cost for the school
    • Kids never handle money.  Ordering is online.  Schools receive 50% of the revenue generated. 
  1. Religious Organizations

Usage Idea:  Churches/Synagogues/Mosques can offer their congregation the opportunity to save on Travel.  Information is printed on the postcards (along with their referral ID).  They can ask anyone wishing to print the postcards for the organization, a place on the back to promote their company.  

  1. Sales Leads (for Salespeople or Home Improvement Contractors)

Usage Idea:  Generating Leads

    • The objective is to provide a quote to the homeowner – i.e.,landscape, painting,  pool/spa, roofing, remodeling, etc.  The contractor simply prints DOOR HANGERS and has someone distribute them.  The message?  Get a Free Quote about [roof, painting, landscaping, remodeling] and get a Travel Savings Plan that can provide you $100 in Travel Savings BELOW the prices shown on any public travel booking engine like Expedia, Priceline and others.  No purchase required.
  1. Employee Rewards / Holiday Gifts / Signup Bonus

Usage Idea:  Most (not all) usually provide employees some type of holiday gift.  Travel Planet is perfect for this as it provides a high-value, low-cost solution. 

  1. Generating Income (or extra income).

Usage Idea:  Federal Unemployment is OVER.  Millions are looking for ways to make money.  With this, it’s simple.  Just promote on social media (or in print).  That’s it.   If a customer orders, you will earn 25%.  A $500 Travel Savings Plan costs $50.  You will earn a minimum of $12.50, with no investment or risk.  

Think about this.  “Would YOU invest $50 to get $500 in GUARANTEED TRAVEL SAVINGS BELOW EXPEDIA over the next 2 years?  If Yes, Click Here”.   NOTE: The ad creates enough curiosity that most visitors will click yes – it’s a $500 value, with a $50 cost.  A no-brainer, for anyone who stays in hotels.

  1. Multi-Level Marketing.

Usage Idea:  MLM agents can use our Travel Promotion as an incentive to attend a presentation.

  1. Seminars/Webinars 

Usage Idea:  Getting people to attend a seminar or online webinar can be challenging – especially to get people to stay to the end when you try to get attendees to take action and purchase something. 

    • Generating traffic
      • The only way companies run successful seminars/webinars is with an audience.  Since most are free, those companies need something that has value and have an option to give away for free
    • Generating money – You have two options.
      • You can give every attendee a postcard that offers them to save up to $500 BELOW public booking engines like Expedia and Priceline for example. The only cost is printing.  On the upside, you earn 25% to 40% for everyone who makes a purchase, or 
    • You can purchase access codes and gift them away when a purchase has been made.  Your cost is as low as $6 ($100 Travel Savings Plan). 
  1. Convention Give-A-Ways

Usage Idea: Companies that rent booths need ways for attendees to add to their email list.  Without asking, companies can give this away to everyone.  How to Get up to $500 Off Expedia hotel prices, when they purchase at Travel Savings Plan giving them access to our Wholesale Travel Booking Engine.  

    • Generating money –
      • The more postcards given away, the more likely they will generate income – simply due to their audience as it is most likely most attendees are staying in a hotel.  
    • Generating traffic
      • Participating companies can send out an email to everyone on their list about the “Give $50, Get $500” travel promotion.  
    • Companies can print postcards (we will provide the artwork for free to Business Partners).  Companies will have space on the postcard to promote their own program as well.
  1. Weddings

Usage Idea:  Honeymoon or Gift to Guests

    • Generating money:  Wedding Planners:  This is perfect for wedding planners who are working with BRIDES-TO-BE.  Brides/Grooms can purchase multiple access codes from the planner to be distributed to guests – especially when sending out invites. .  Brides/Grooms