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Limited Partners

Our Limited Partner is 100% FREE FOR LIFE. We provide a way to increase revenue with no selling, nothing to invest. Thus, Limited Partners earn 25% whether they sell Travel Planet Network ACCESS CODES or recruit new Premium Partners.

However, Limited Partners have limited benefits and referral fees, compared to Premium Partners.

Premium Partners

Premium Partners pay $197/month,

  • Earn 40% on all Travel Planet Network ACCESS CODES ordered,
  • Earn a 40% referral fee for every new Premium Partner they sign up.
  • 10% MONTHLY residual referral fee of their monthly fees
  • 10% 2nd-tier referral fee from orders generated from any of their referred Partners orders (access codes or Premium Partner registration fees).

Our Commission

Our Premium Partners and Limited Partners have 2 options to generate substantial revenue. Specifically, they can receive commissions once they refer their network to purchase Travel Planet Network Access Codes or become our Partners.


Let’s meet John – our Limited Partner!

‣ By becoming our Limited Partner, John can promote Travel Planet Network Access Codes and receive 25% of what was purchased.

‣ Meanwhile, he can also refer new partners. If the new joiners choose to stay Limited Partners, John will not receive any commission. However, if they upgrade their account to become Premium Partners, John will earn a one-time 25% referral commission on paid Premium Partner memberships.


Premium Partner

Now, John decides to become Premium Partner in order to receive our exclusive benefits. Yay!

‣ John can continue to promote Travel Planet Network Access Codes. Now, as becoming our Premium Partner, he earns 40% of the revenue generated.

‣ John refers his network to join BusinessTRAK and some people sign up as a Premium Partners. Once they have completed signup of $197 per month, John will earn 40% of their premium partner fees plus another 10% on renewals until they have cancelled.

Only Premium Partners will receive a 2nd tier 10% referral commissions revenue generated from their referred partners (Limited or Premium).

For example, John refers Sue to become a paid Premium Partner. Then Sue continues to recruit her friend Steve to join the Premium Partners’ network on BusinessTRAK. Thus, Sue will receive 40% of Steve’s monthly fees, and John will have a chance to receive a 10% monthly bonus from Steve as well.

Earned commissions are paid twice a month – on the 1st and 16th.

Commissions are paid on Premium Memberships or Travel Planet Network ACCESS CODES on BusinessTRAK.  You can receive commissions two ways:  1) a direct deposit to your bank account (6% fee) or via PayPal (3% fee).

Who benefits?

A partial list of industries that want to increase revenue, traffic or leads. (NOTE: Only Premium Partners are able to generate their own exclusive leads)

We bring you a High-Value, Low-Cost Promotion that will turn heads!

Our BusinessTRAK Partners now have the ability to:

Get started for free

Easy Way to Increase Revenue For Free

Limited Partner

  • 25% on all Travel Planet Access Codes sold
  • 25% referral fee on Premium Partner membership
  • Access to training section
  • Access to a complete back-office 24/7
  • Ad Library – Prewritten/ Designed ads you can use to promote

Premium Partner

$ 197 /Month
  • 40% referral fee paid on all new Premium Partners (excluding self)
  • 10% referral fee for each Premium Partner who renews.
  • 40% referral fee on Travel Planet Access Codes
  • 10% bonus on ALL Partner orders
  • Access to training section
  • Access to a complete back-office 24/7
  • Ad Library – Prewritten/ Designed ads you can use to promote