Marketing Partner Training

Housekeeping Rules

Here are some basic things Marketing Partners need to know in order to understand the elements listed on this page.
1) Subpartners: As a marketing partner, you only have one commission level and cannot sign on marketing agents as subpartners. However, you do have an option to upgrade to an Executive Partner and get a chance to earn 10% on each sale made through your subpartners. 

2) Referral ID: This is a unique identifier that helps our tracking algorithm link a sale to the right partner. During your signup process, you were asked to enter your referral ID on your signup form. If you do not recall what your referral ID is, please fill out the contact form on our site and we will reset it for you.


Note: While the marketing program is free to join, there is a certain criteria to meet to retain your Marketing Partner status. Each Marketing Partner has to generate a minimum of $50 in commissions per month. If you fail to meet this criteria, your membership will be revoked.

Ways To Earn

There are 2 Types of Sales:

  • Direct Code Sales: If a customer makes a purchase using your referral link (travelplanetnetwork.com/#referralid), you will get 25% of the order amount. 
  • Ukraine Product Sales: The Ukraine product is set up to raise donations for Ukraine. To promote this product, you will use (travelplanetnetwork.com/ukraine/#referralid). 50% of the transaction is donated to Ukraine and you earn 10%.

Basic Rule #1.

YOU MAY NOT SPAM UNDER ANY CONDITIONS.  IF our tech dept has been notified there is spam coming from your REFERRAL ID, your account will be immediately closed, and you will forfeit any forthcoming commissions.  

By proceeding, you understand the conditions in #1 directly above.

  • You can target individuals online through platforms such as Facebook, where you can join groups for free and start posting our ads to generate interest. 
  • You could also hand out postcards and business cards on the street to generate commissions on each referral sale

You can advertise messages like this almost anywhere – “Learn How to Save Up To $500 BELOW the Prices on Expedia. Get Details”, for free, especially in social media GROUPS (for example: targeted Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn groups).


In order to post in "groups", you will need to join the group FIRST.  It’s 100% FREE.   Before you start joining just any group, it's important for you to understand the different types (markets) of groups you’re joining:

  • To generate revenue by promoting Travel Planet TRAVEL SAVING PLANS (Access Codes), you want to post in groups directed at PEOPLE WHO LOVE TO TRAVEL, or VACATION DEALS, or WEDDINGS for example.
  • We recommend you join as many different groups on Facebook and LinkedIn based on your objective (that we will explain in minute). 
  • Here are two YouTube video links that will teach you how join LinkedIn Groups.

As a Marketing Partner, you have access to training information including a wide variety of IMAGE and WORD ads you can post on social media.  There are 2 different links.  One focuses on promoting Travel Planet, the other on finding new partners.  It's important to understand HOW TO ADD YOUR Partner Link in the right ads (word-ad or image-ad).  When you send out this link to the travel saving plans, it drives the audience to a "landing page" that will link the visitor to you for up to 60 days. 

We have a variety of predesigned attractive postcards that are strategically designed to spark the readers curiosity. 

The postcards come with a QR code on them which is linked to the Marketing Partner. The partner can easily distribute these postcards or business cards in high traffic areas for the best results.

Ads To Get Direct Sales

Click on an image to expand. To download an image, simply right click on it and click 'save as'. After saving it onto your device, make sure to use your referral ID to ensure your commissions are tracked properly.

Promote Using Printed Materials

Note: These designs are only for reference.

Click on an image to expand. To place an order for your postcards/business cards. click here.