Limited Partner Training

Starting today, you will have access to all our ads, strategy, and knowledge of the benefits of being a BusinessTRAK “Limited Partner” – for free. You will receive the following benefits:

  • 25% of all Travel Planet Network ACCESS CODE ORDERS that you have personally referred using your Referral ID.
  • 25% on Premium Partner memberships sold

Consider This:  You may elect to UPGRADE as a Premium Partner for $197 per month that including:

  • 50% commission on all new Premium Partners
  • 50% commission on monthly renewals of Premium Partners ​
  • 50% commission on all Travel Planet Network ACCESS CODES ordered through your Referral ID​
  • 10% bonus override on Travel Planet Network ACCESS CODES or Premium Partner memberships sold by any personally referred partner.​

IMPORTANT NOTE: While you can choose to upgrade to a Premium Partner at a later date, you will not receive an additional revenue or residual income from any of the Premium Partners you have acquired as a Limited Partner

Basic Rule #1.

YOU MAY NOT SPAM UNDER ANY CONDITIONS.  IF our tech dept has been notified there is spam coming from your REFERRAL ID, your account will be immediately closed, and you will forfeit any forthcoming commissions.  

By proceeding, you understand the conditions in #1 directly above.

Who Are You Targeting?

There are 2 group “TYPES” of Limited Partners. Those who 1) work online and 2) those who generate sales from their brick n’ mortar stores.

Online Companies

Now, you have 2 target options. You can 1) Generate Revenue by promoting Travel Planet Network ACCESS CODES or 2) Recruit New Partners – and get paid when someone becomes a Premium Partner.

1. Promoting ACCESS CODES is probably the fastest way to generate revenue.

a. For every $500 Travel Savings Plan ordered, you will earn $12.50 (25% of what the customer pays). If you have 10 orders per day on average (by running FREE ADS on social media), you will generate around $3,800 per month – simply posting ads.

b. Here are some examples of compelling ads you can post (discover more in the Ad Library):

  • “Learn How to Get $500 BELOW the Prices on Expedia for $50. Get Details.
  • “New Travel Program. Get $500 BELOW Expedia Prices.  Learn More.
  • “How to SAVE up to $500 on hotels or resorts – worldwide. Get Details.”
  • “Get up to $500 on almost any worldwide hotel.  Get Details.”

The link will be directed to a Landing Page that provides more details, then asks if they would like to join our email list for special updates (not required). When they click SUBMIT, they will be directed to that explains the promotion (and “registers” the visitors to you for 60 days).  If they purchase at anytime during those 60 days, you will receive the referral fee.

2. Build Your NETWORK

Your goal is to recruit as many new Partners as you can, especially Premium Partners as you will earn a 25% referral fee ($49.25) when a Premium Partner signs up.


  • You won’t make any money when recruiting Limited Partners. However, if Limited Partners signing up upgrades to Premium Partners, you will earn your referral fee.
  • Keep in mind, if they upgrade to a Premium Partner while you’re a Limited Partner, you will only receive a one-time 25% referral fee. However, if you were a Premium Partner, you would receive a 50% referral fee PLUS 50% of that fee for every month they continue to remain a Premium Partner.  In addition, as a Premium Partner, you would receive a 10% bonus on all the revenue they generate. 

Offline Companies

1. Offline companies are like tire stores, restaurants, retail stores, banks and credit unions, real estate and insurance agents. The companies are either looking for leads, ways to generate traffic, close sales, or reward employees (only available to Premium Partners).

2. Now, stores simply advertise the promotion. For example, if they are running print ads, the retailer could include in the ad: “SPECIAL XYZ RETAIL PROMOTION! Get ACCESS up to $500 in TRAVEL SAVINGS BELOW prices listed on Expedia, Priceline and more. No purchase necessary. Get Yours at XYZ Retail Store.” This will drive traffic. Stores can purchase it on behalf of the customer if the customer places an order with the business. If the Partner hands out postcards (with their Referral ID printed on them), they will be able to make money until the postcard is destroyed or lost. One postcard can be used for anyone who is interested in travel and saving money.

How to Start to Advertise?

Ad Messages

We have divided ad messages into 2 formats – “words” and “images”.  In each group, we have divided the ads into targeting ACCESS CODES or FINDING NEW PARTNERS. For example, you may want to target just consumers, or you may want to find new Premium Partners who are looking to generate income, traffic or exclusive leads (Only Premium Partners can generate exclusive leads).  Ads targeting ACCESS CODES ORDERS will be sent to your landing page first, then to Travel Planet Network that explains the program in detail.  If you’re targeting FINDING NEW PARTNERS, the link will drive traffic to

Where to advertise

You can advertise messages like this almost anywhere – “Learn How to Get $500 BELOW the Prices on Expedia for $50.  Get Details, for free, especially in social media GROUPS (for example: targeted Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn groups). You can also advertise on classified sites like Craigslist, or tons of free classified websites, i.e., ( and/or email your existing list (no spamming allowed). 

PLEASE NOTE:  You are NOT allowed to purchase a list and send out a message to them that includes any URL pointing to our websites.

Posting in Groups – the BEST way to promote FOR FREE.

In order to post in “groups”, you will need to join the group first.  It’s 100% FREE.   This is important for you to understand the types of groups you’re joining:

  • To generate revenue by promoting Travel Planet Network ACCESS CODES, you want to post in groups directed at PEOPLE WHO LOVE TO TRAVEL, or VACATION DEALS, or WEDDINGS for example.
  • If you’re looking for PARTNERS, you will want to consider joining different types of “business groups”, i.e, groups focusing on sales and marketing groups.  Keep in mind, there are other vertical category groups as well, i.e., ROOFERS, SWIMMING POOLS, LANDSCAPE, etc, as the members in these groups are looking for ways to get more customers.  The objective is to get people to click on your AD.
  • We recommend you join as many different groups on Facebook and LinkedIn based on your objective (that we will explain in minute). 
  • Here are two YouTube video links that will teach you how join LinkedIn Groups.

Setting Up Campaigns 

(Generating revenue from promoting Travel Planet Network "ACCESS CODES" or Finding New Partners.)

As a Partner, you will be shown several links when you log into your affiliate-area (  You will see 2 different links.  One focuses on promoting Travel Planet, the other on find new partners.  It’s important to understand YOU NEED TO COMBINE it with an ad (word-ad or image-ad).  When you send out this link, it drives the audience to a “landing page” that will link the visitor to you for up to 60 days. 

Please Note:  ONLY Premium Partners will get opt-in data from any form on BusinessTRAK.    

For more videos, go to YouTube and search for “joining LinkedIn or Facebook Groups”.

  • The trick when picking groups to join is BE SELECTIVE.
    • For example, if you’re looking to acquire Partners, you will want to join SALES GROUPS, MARKETING GROUPS, AFFILIATE GROUPS, etc.
    • If you’re looking to generate money quickly, you will want to focus on groups directed to people who love to travel and save money.       
  • Again, joining groups is FREE. However, some groups may ask why you want to join the group, others will not.  You will want to join as many groups as possible.  You should pick GROUPS THAT HAVE SUBSTANTIAL MEMBERS, not 5 or 10, but hundreds or even thousands of members.
  • You can also post our ads on your Facebook timeline or buy Targeted Ads on different platforms, but only do so if you have experience in the DO’s and DONT’s about buying social media advertising. Here is some help:
  • You should allow 2 days to focus on JOINING GROUPS. Your goal is to join different groups in different categories (One directed at finding partners, one directed on advertising the TRAVEL BENEFITS from Travel Planet Network).  We recommend setting up a simple Excel spreadsheet, including some information fields like Platform, Group Name, Type of Group, Members in the Group and Date Joined.  We recommend starting with a list of 20 or more groups, but your goal is 100+ groups.

STEP 2 – Part 1. Choosing Your Target

Now that you have a list of groups, the next step is to choose a category you wish to target.  For example:

  • Marketing Travel Planet Network (making money when consumers purchase ACCESS CODES)
  • Finding New BusinessTRAK Partners (we call this our “money-machines”)
  • Generate leads for your business

As mentioned, THERE IS NO SELLING.  Your objective is to simply post our ads on the different groups you’ve now joined along with your REFERRAL URL.

First, you need to make sure your targeted ad is directed toward your target audience (a specific group you’ve joined) and YOUR REFERRAL LINK is set correctly (VERY IMPORTANT!).