(Not MLM)



$7K-13K Monthly

Recruit, Train, and Manage

Recruit, Train, and Manage

(Not MLM)

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Can You REALLY Make $7,000 to $13,000 / Mo With No College Education?  


1st, What We Do

The Promotion

We Sell Travel Planet Network’s  “Access Codes” to a PRIVATE TRAVEL DATABASE (similar to what travel agents use), where users are GUARANTEED to save up to $500 BELOW the prices offered on Expedia, Priceline, Travelocity, and others for $50 or less, on 1,000,000 worldwide hotels and resorts. 

There’s Nothing to Join,  No Travel Restrictions.  No Blackout Dates.  No Timeshares.  No Gimmicks!

Users also have a 2-year 200% money-back guarantee.

The Job

Part 1 – Build A Team of
Students Who Ask Tourists 1-Question:

“Would YOU Like to Learn How to SAVE up to $500 BELOW Expedia, Priceline, and others?”

If the tourist says yes, they ask the tourist to scan the QR Code or take a picture containing a tracking link to the information.  That’s It.

If the tourist scans the code, they, the student, and you are now linked.  If the tourist makes a purchase, the student gets 25% (up to $12.50) and you get 5% (up to $2.50), – from every member on your team. 

The key to this position is RECRUITING students who don’t have any fear of talking to strangers. 

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The Money

Student who average 150 scans of their QR Code per day will average $20/hr. (5% convert) or $45/hr. (10% convert). 

YOU, will earn $7000 – $13,000 (based on you having a team of 25, who get 150 scans per shift).  

(25 students x 150 scans per day x 21 days = 78,750 total scans x 5% conversion = 3937 orders x $50 selling price x 5% commission = $9,843).  With 10% conversion: $19,687.  

Your income is based on the number of QR Codes scanned from tourists who your team members speak with – minimum of 150 scans per day.

Almost Instant Income

Here’s the best part.  Everyone has the opportunity to make more money by SIMPLY PROMOTING THEIR QR Code.

The more THEY advertise and promote it, the more EVERYONE earns.  Keep in mind, you and your team are “Independent Contractors”, (IC’s – a team member or student) and ICM’s – the managers) and can choose where and when to work. With that being said, the more people who become a part of your team, the more everyone earns.

IC’s and ICM’s are provided with a  “free back-office” to track clicks and sales.  ICM’s can also also see which team members are working and who are not, by the number of clicks, and orders.

Recruiting Made EASY


When you become an ICM, you will be provided a badge like this WITH YOUR QR Code on it. Just wear it and show it to anyone you think would be a great team member. Once they see the hourly rate, everyone you come across will want to check it out.  It’s extremely easy to build a team very very fast. 

Ready To Get Started?

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