Earn Up To

Earn Up To

$3K – $4K Monthly


$3K – $4K Monthly

Simply Asking Tourists 3 Questions,
Working Only 4 hours Per Day!

Simply Asking Tourists To Scan
The QR Code On Your Clipboard

Play Video
Play Video
Get Paid To Be A Hero
Get Paid To Be A Hero
Every Tourist Who Stays In Hotels, Would Love An Opportunity To Save Money!


One thing most people who stay in hotels HATE is:


You get paid showing them a solution.

 You’ll earn 25% per referral sale! ($2.50, $7.50, $12.50), WITHOUT SELLING ANYTHING.

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The Job – Simple as 1-2-3

STEP 1. 

Sign up as a Marketing Partner (one-time set up fee of $30) which includes your custom QR and special URL tracking code and a free back-office to track clicks and sales.

STEP 2. 

Get a clipboard, download a custom “Marketing Ad” that will contain a QR Code with YOUR TRACKING LINK, laminate it, and place it on your clipboard.   

STEP 3.  

Talk to people.  We will even teach you an easy way to approach people. The more people who scan YOUR QR Code, the higher the probability you will earn more money.

Wondering How Much You Can Earn?

Once a tourist scans the QR CODE (from your ad on your clipboard) they will be “tied” to you for up to 14 days.  If they make a purchase any time within those 14 days, you will earn 25% of the order (up to $12.50). 

You will also be provided with a FREE back-office to track your clicks and orders online 24/7.

Training information will be sent to you, once your account is activated.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Be sure to check with the laws/rules in your city regarding laws and rules about talking to tourists BEFORE YOU START.

  YOU WILL need a social security number and are responsible for your taxes.



Fill out the form to register as an “IC” Marketing Partner.

NOTE:  There’s a One-Time Set Up Fee of $30 which covers the cost of setting up flyer with your QR Codes,  special tracking URL, and a customized Clipboard Flyer, with your picture and info to help make you look official.

Note: Please only fill out this form using Chrome or Edge Browser.


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