How to Increase Profits and/or Traffic Without Discounting Or Even Asking For Donations?

Consumers make purchases usually two ways. They base their decision on either PRICE or VALUE. Unfortunately, almost every business that sells a product or service to the general public uses PRICE (discounts) to attract potential buyers. Some cannot – such as insurance companies for example.
In this article, we will introduce a new option to increase profits and/ or traffic without discounting or even asking for donations. Let’s discovering!

Issues Offering Discounts

Every dollar you discount decreases your profits. The issue is HOW MUCH will you have to offer to get a customer to take action? Customers are (and have been) conditioned to react to “good-deals”. Many times, people will make a purchase without even needing the product or service – just because the discount is so attractive.

If you advertise and offer discounts on a competitive product or service to attract customers, customers maybe be encouraged to shop others and ask if they would offer a deeper discount. Unfortunately, you will never know this is happening as most won’t tell you they found the product cheaper at another business and may ask if you would beat the price. This is not a good idea for your business.

Benefits Offering VALUE

You can instantly increase your profits by offering a free or promotional gift with purchase or even visiting or completing an email opt-in form.

Getting consumers to TAKE ACTION is simple. Just provide a HIGH-VALUE promotion (that cost you less than the cash discount you were considering using). Here’s an example.

Instead of offering a cash discount of 30% on a $600 product ($180), you could offer a $500 travel promotion (good for 2 years) – that would cost you $25 (even without having to purchase them in bulk for this price). You could offer both and them a choice. If they choose the travel promotion, you just increased your profit by $155 ($180-$25).

Now they are comparing (in their mind) $180 in cash vs $500 in travel savings (that they could use over the next two years).

This works great for nonprofits, schools and/or religious organizations

Every nonprofit/ school/ religious groups can easily provide consumers and donors up to $500 on guaranteed travel savings for the next 2 years for $50 or less. There is nothing to join, no blackout dates, no travel restrictions, and no timeshare presentations to attend. No gimmicks, just savings.

Here’s how you benefit.

Consumers receive $500 in travel savings which can be used at 1,000,000 worldwide hotels and resorts for up to 2 years. The price is at 90% off face value, for a one-time flat fee of $50 or less. We do the heavy lifting and give 45% of that ($22.5), just for you spreading the word.
We even provide pre-designed postcards for you, including a way to attract a sponsor to benefit if they pay for the printing. In addition, we have created digital image and video ads that can you can post along with your referral ID on digital channels. For instance, you can post on social media platforms or send it to your donor list. In this way, they can get a $500 travel savings for $50 and you get ½ of that ($25), just by spreading the word.

To participate in our Partner Program and get access to our Travel Savings Program, you can learn more here.

Feel free to contact us if you have any question or need any help to get started. We’re always here to help!