Here's How Gray Line Tours
Can Generate Additional Revenue

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Gray Line Tours Provides Different Fun Activities For Tourists.

Now They Can Offer Their Customers Up To $500 In GUARANTEED Worldwide Hotel Savings.

What We Do

We Sell “Access” to Wholesale Travel (similar to what travel agents use), where users are GUARANTEED to save up to $500 BELOW the prices offered on Expedia, Priceline, Travelocity, and others for $50 or less. 


Customer Benefits


Those with access have 2-years to save at 1,000,000 worldwide hotels and resorts, including 5-star properties. 

No Travel Restrictions. No Blackout Dates. No Timeshares. No Gimmicks!

It doesn't get much easier

Simply place one of our custom postcards on each seat or distribute them to each tourist (or couple) containing all the details.

The back side of the postcard contains a QR Code and a Custom Tracking Link that tracks commissions. There are two ad spaces for your company to promote. 

Your company earns 25% (up to $12.50) from every order.

Marketing Partner

$0 / month
  • 25% Commission On Sales
  • Access To Private Back Office