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Get The Information Of EVERY Customer That Walks Into Your Business


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Your business NOW has the ability to capture customer information, even without them buying anything.

As any business owner knows, the DATA is the most valuable part. If you have the data, you can remarket to them ANY time you wish FOR FREE.

All you have to do is put a poster with details of the promotion in your window, or in your ads. This will even help bring in more foot traffic to your store.

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Why Businesses Run Ads

The number one reason why you run ads is to DRIVE TRAFFIC to your store.

Now, you're usually driving them for a purpose, a product or service that you're hoping to sell.

Which is great, but with tons of competitors offering discounts, businesses often end up slashing their profits.

Now, there is another way you can get customers into your store WITHOUT discounting. They don't even have to make a purchase, yet you can still capture their data for future remarketing efforts.

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About The Promotion:

BusinessTRAK offers provides businesses with a high-value, low-cost “Hotel Saving Promotion” providing GUARANTEED rates up to $100 BELOW the prices listed on Expedia, Priceline, and others.

It can be used at 1,000,000 worldwide properties up to 2 years with no gimmicks. Just savings.

There is nothing to join, no blackout dates, and no timeshare presentations to attend.

The amount of savings may vary per hotel -  depending on the type of property, length of stay, type of year, and what special events are happening at the time of booking. 

There will be properties where you can use the savings all at once and some only partial, but don’t worry, it can be used up to 2 years or until the savings are exhausted.

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Here's How ANY Business Can Use Our Promotion:

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Step 1: Become A Platinum Partner

Step 2: Purchase Coupons Based On Your Needs

Step 3: Offer Anybody Who Sees Your Ads A Chance To Obtain Up To $100 in Hotel Savings FOR FREE.  You can even say – “No Purchase Required”, just to collect the data.  You will be amazed how much traffic you will generate. 

Just remember, BusinessTRAK helps companies generate revenue by generating a high-value, low-cost gift to generate traffic and a way to collect the customer's information, even with a purchase.  It's unheard of.

Ask Them To Fill Out A Short Form. Enter Their Details Into Our Lead Capture System (LCS), and The Savings Plan Will Be Sent To Them Automatically!

Download The Customer Information Whenever You'd Like With One Click!

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Become a Member Today

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Unlimited $100 Coupon Codes
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Unlimited $100 Coupon Codes (by qty):
$2.99 to $0.99

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