We Pay You To Promote
Your Real Estate Business

Imagine getting paid to promote yourself.  It’s NEVER been done before, UNTIL NOW!  It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced agent or brand new.  You can get paid whether you go door-to-door, mail postcards, or run ads on social media.  

It’s not HOW you promote, the secret is WHAT YOU SAY

First, the Promotion

Everyone loves to travel – even if it’s for a day drive away.  However, with rising fuel, airline, and hotel costs, it makes it difficult for millions. 

You clients now can get up to $500 in GUARANTEED SAVINGS BELOW the prices listed on Expedia, Orbitz, Priceline, Travelocity, and all the others, for a one-time flat fee of $50 or less. 

There is nothing to join, no blackout dates, and no timeshare presentations to attend.  Simply put, there are no gimmicks, just savings.

Learn About The Promotion

There are 1,000,000 worldwide hotels to choose from including thousands of 5-star resorts.  The savings are 100% Guaranteed to be BELOW Expedia, Priceline, and others.  Keep in mind that the actual amount of savings per property varies, based on the type of property, time of year, length of stay and what special events are going on in that city during the selected dates. 

(This is a recorded live demo of the actual database and savings)

How It Works

Consumers simply purchase an ACCESS CODE to our Private Wholesale Travel Database (www.travelplanetnetwork.com) that provides the savings.  Before you click the link, let me explain.

There are 3 SAVING OPTIONS – To save $500, the cost is $50, to save $250, the cost is $25, and to save $100, the cost is $10.  Those with access can use the savings up to 2 years or until it’s used up.  Please note, we do not offer air or cruises, and you cannot use points or miles.  However, the money you will save will definitely help offset any resort fees that many hotels charge. 

We also offer a 200% money back guarantee, meaning that if the consumer hasn’t saved at least 3 times what they paid – over the course of two years, we will double their original purchase back, so there is no risk whatsoever.

Learn About The Promotion

Postcard Examples

Real Estate Agents simply purchase our custom postcards that explain the promotion.  Each agent will have their own QR Tracking Code and Custom URL.  

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Note: We are sure most agents mail something out to their farm monthly, to keep their name fresh in their client’s mind.  

By mailing (or hand distributing) this promotion, you are providing a great gift (at no cost to you) and have the possibilities of getting money back to offset any mailing cost.  

Furthermore, if your client shares the postcard with a family member, friend, or neighbor, they too can order an access code and you will be paid again.

How You Earn 

First, there are two types of PARTNERS.  Marketing Partners (agents), can only purchase and send out postcards to their target audience.  They get paid ONE WAY.  

Executive Partners CAN be an agent and promote to consumers OR have the option to get paid just to find new partners. 

  1. If you choose to become a MARKETING PARTNER, you will earn 25% (up to $12.50), from anyone who has received one of your postcards, accessed the website via your “private tracking link the QR code” and purchased Travel Planet Access Code (even up to 60 days from the time they clicked/scan the code).  

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Executive Partners Earn TWO Additional Ways:

1. You will receive $25 for each postcard order from every agent you refer, where they can send to THEIR farm. 

If you choose to become an Executive Partner, you have the option to promote to consumers as Marketing Partners have, PLUS TWO Additional Ways 

  1. You will receive $25 for each postcard order from every agent your refer, who send postcards to THEIR farm. 

2.  PLUS, you will earn 5% on every order they generate too.  

2. You will also earn 5% on every order they generate too.  

Additional Executive Partner Benefit

We will show you WHERE and HOW to find other Agents and/or Partners – both FREE and PAID.   

Once you’ve become an Executive agent, you will learn the best places where and how to find agents, what to say, what to post on social media. (including an array of graphic and written ads), where you email agents direct, where you can send out flyers directly to agents (you will have to pay a very small amount to send thousands of flyers to agents who have opted-in to receive information), and much more. 

This is a program you can work from home or anywhere in the world that has internet access.  NOTE: NO LICENSE REQUIRED – just sign up as an Executive Partner below. 

Get Started Today.  Choose Your Partner TYPE

Marketing Partner Subscription

$0 / month
  • Earn 25% (up to $12.50) by Promoting Yourself
  • Includes Free Back-Office
  • Purchase a minimum of 500 marketing postcards

Executive Partner Subscription

FREE to try for 1st 30 days, then $95/mo. or $795/yr.
  • THREE WAYS to Earn
  • 1. Earn $25 For Each Postcard Order
  • 2. Earn 25% On Consumer Orders* to Earn*
  • 3. Earn 5% MORE on ALL Agents You Refer
  • Includes Back-Office

* To get paid 3 ways, you must be a licensed agent.  To get paid 2 ways, license optional.