Fundraising ideas for nonprofits: How to raise money for nonprofits without asking for donations?

Nonprofits have the challenging job of seeking funding from donors, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, instead of asking more from supporters, you can take an innovative approach to raise money for nonprofits. Specifically, you can offer more values to attract donors supporting your organizations.

How to do it? We will help you make it come true. Check it out!

Creative Way To Raise Money For Nonprofits Without Asking For Donation

BusinessTRAK has a mission of supporting nonprofits through this challenging time. Thus, we provide nonprofits with a new option of raising money without asking for donations from donors.

Here’s the truth. People want to travel again after COVID-19, even it’s a day-drive away. However, millions have limited income. BusinessTRAK has partnered with Travel Planet Network which sells access to a Private Travel Booking Engine. This is similar to what travel agents use.

Through this private engine, consumers can save up to $500 below the prices listed on Expedia, Priceline, and others, for a one-time fee of $50 or less. There’s a million worldwide hotels and resorts to choose from, including 5-star resorts such as the Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons, J.W Marriott and many others. There is nothing to join, no blackout dates, no timeshare presentations to attend, and access is good for up to 2 years.

Give & Receive Program – Our Free Help For Nonprofit Partners

The Give & Receive Program is designed for any nonprofit with 501C-3 status. In addition, it does not require any upfront costs to participate, which means it’s totally free for nonprofits. Meanwhile, this program is suitable for any nonprofit trying to raise more without asking for donations, and/ or looking for an efficient way to thank the donors.

There are 2 main options to use our Travel Planet Program to increase donation:

  • Option 1: Nonprofits can choose to promote the Travel Planet Program and generate 45% of the revenue received.
  • Option 2: Nonprofits can purchase the Travel Access Codes and give them once the donors make donations.

Nonprofits do not have to sell anything.

They simply let consumers know about these travel saving options. They can post our pre-designed ads on social media or send a link to their donor list. If a consumer is interested in learning more, they can click the ads which go directly to our website.  The link “registers” the consumer to the nonprofit. If the consumer makes a purchase, our nonprofit partners earn 45% of the purchase made.

Ready to discover this exciting program?

You can learn more about the Give & Receive Program here or contact us anytime if you have any question!