We have created a unique opportunity for non-profits, schools, and religious organizations to generate substantial revenue by giving all donors a $2000 Travel Savings benefit when they make a $10 donation to your school or organization. 

Pre-Note:  The word “nonprofits” refers to entire groups of organizations consisting of “nonprofits, schools, and religious groups”.


With the new tax laws, a large majority of all “Nonprofits” are looking for new opportunities to generate money for their cause or charity.

Just asking for money is harder to accomplish since there are so many needing financial help.  Before the tax change, donors could “write-off” their contributions, but not anymore.  As a result, they end up appealing to the public using EMOTION or asking donors to purchase and sell some type of low-value, low-cost product i.e., candy/Xmas wrap/calendars/baked goods, etc., to their family/neighbors/friends and donors to generate income.

While this has worked in the past, the “value” of the product is at a minimum.  In other words, low-value, low-cost.

BusinessTRAK offers something very different, starting with a product that has REAL CONSUMER VALUE of up to $2000 in incremental savings, all based around TRAVEL SAVINGS – something most people do – TRAVEL from time to time.  There is no expiration, no blackout dates, nothing to join, can be used by the entire family, and there are no timeshare presentations to attend.

The Details

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BusinessTRAK has partnered with a PRIVATE MEMBER-ONLY ONLINE BOOKING ENGINE (like Expedia, Priceline,, etc.).  Think of it like Costco – but just for travel.  However, instead of requiring you to join, this private member-only allows the recipient to TRY FIRST and experience the savings for themselves, by offering up to $2000 in incremental travel savings with a one-time cost is just $10 for each end-user.

It can be used at over 500,000 hotels, car rentals, plus activities in most key cities worldwide.  In addition, there are week-long “deal” at worldwide resorts.

What is determined to be “Travel Savings”?

The money the end-user can save will be determined on several factors.  1) how far out the reservation was booked (there will be very little savings if a traveler books within 2 weeks or less).  2) The type of accommodation.  (The end-user will not save much booking MOTEL 6.  In fact, “motels” are not included).  3) The length of stay.  (3 nights will save more than 1 night).

The SAVINGS is automatically deducted from the $2000.   For example, let's say you book the Marriott’s Grand Chatuea in Las Vegas for 3 nights (3 weeks in advance).  The RETAIL BOOKING ENGINES may charge.

How it’s sold/distributed

Nonprofits earn money when our Wholesale Travel Savings Card is sold to the end-user.  This can be in the form of a “activation code” (shown on the 1st image at the top of this document) or it can be ordered online.

Nonprofits can receive part or all, of the $10, depending how the nonprofits becomes involved.

There are 3 ways:

  1. PRE-PURCHASE Activation Codes
    Nonprofits can purchase the travel saving cards IN BULK at a deep discount. They can purchase 250 activation cards at $2.97 each, 1000 at $1.47 each, or 5000 at $.97 each, and make the spread – up to $10.00 when the cards are sold to the end-user (same way schools sell candy bars, calendars, etc., to their family friends and neighbors.
    Nonprofits can simply promote the program with a custom-made flyer (or email template) provided by BusinessTRAK. There is NO UPFRONT MONEY REQUIRED.  Nonprofits earn $3.50 for each order received (either from the flyer - or online, once paid).  The flyer will contain a special Nonprofit ID number used to track the sales.
    Sponsors (businesses) purchase activation cards in bulk – at the same rate shown on #1 above. They then select the nonprofit(s) they want the cards to go to. That nonprofit in turn sells them to the end-user and keeps the full $10.00.  There are two additional benefits for the sponsor; 1 their LOGO is printed on the back each card that end-user receives and 2) the Sponsor receives an additional 250 activation cards to use for their business (to help close a sale, provide a “thank-you” gift, a customer/employee appreciation gift.

    1. Sponsor 1 organization (minimum 250 Branded Travel Savings Card per sponsor):
      250 Branded ($2000) Wholesale Travel Savings Cards: $2.97 each = $743 Investment. (In addition, BusinessTRAK donates 20% of your investment to Alex’s Lemonade Stand – that goes to help fight Childhood Cancer). The $743 investment generates up to $2,500 for the nonprofit they wish to sponsor.
    2. Sponsor up to 4 organizations:
      1000 Branded ($2000) Wholesale Travel Savings Cards: $1.47 each = $1470 investment.
      (In addition, we donate 20% of your investment to Alex’s Lemonade Stand)
      Generates up to $10,000 in profits for the nonprofit or school you wish to sponsor.
    3. Sponsor up to 20 organizations:
      5000 Branded ($2000) Wholesale Travel Savings Cards: $.97 each - $4850 investment.  This provides up to $50,000 in potential revenue for the Nonprofit.
      (In addition, we donate 20% of your investment to Alex’s Lemonade Stand)
      Generates up to $50,000 in profits for the nonprofit or school you wish to sponsor.

We will contact the nonprofit(s) you select and teach them how to sell the cards to their target market – of course at no cost to them.

Once the card has been activated, the end-user will have the immediate opportunity to book up to $2000 in saving

Here is an example of the savings