Congrats [FULL_NAME] ,

Here is your access code (or multiple codes if you purchase more than one) for BusinessTRAK. Once you have registered the codes below, you will be able to save money anytime you travel.

Please Note: Each “ACCESS CODE” will require a unique email address to activate. Here is your Total Benefit Amount: $[BENEFIT_AMOUNT] [COUPON_CODES]

To activate, go to: https://ActivateTravelSavings.com

Follow these instructions:

    1. Do not activate any codes for anyone else as you need to activate YOUR voucher. If you purchased a Travel Savings Code as a gift for someone other than yourself, email them their ACCESS CODE / PIN NUMBER along with the instructions below.

    2. DO NOT try to activate on an IPhone, make sure to use an IPad, laptop or computer. Use browser Chrome with private browser called Incognito for best results.

    3. DO NOT try to activate multiple codes with same device or same email as one code per email.

    4. Go to www.activatetravelsavings.com

    5. Next, click on “activate”.

    6. Enter code and pin (try to copy and paste code) and click on activate to create your account (please note: when creating your password, you will not be able to easily change it for personal reasons or if you forget, you will have to email support@activatetravelsavings.com and request a password change. We advise you to write down your password and keep it somewhere safe for convenience purposes)

    7. Click on “activate”

    8. You will be asked to create an account to include a password

    9. Keep password simple and lower case.

    10. After completing the registration process then close the browser and wait 60 seconds, then open new browser (chrome) and click on login

    11. Enter your email and password.

    12. This will take you to booking engine.

In case you have difficulties, go to https://businesstrak.com/contact/ and send a short note. Be sure to include your full name, email that you used to activate your account, the activation code and pin number you used. Thank you. BusinessTRAK https://businesstrak.com