Fast Food Partner Training

Housekeeping Rules

We have two types of Partner Programs

  • Marketing Partners: Marketing Partners offer the promotion to the end user. Your customer. That’s it. Order postcards and distribute them. Every person who orders a Travel Planet Network Access Code, you earn 25%, up to $12.50. There is nothing to sell and nothing to explain. Simply tape or staple a postcard to the order. That’s it. 
  • Executive Partners: Executive Partners setup Marketing Partners. They make sure all the Marketing Partners have postcards. Executive Partners earn 5% (up to $2.50) on the sales volume for every participating store; 10% once the have setup 500 or more stores. 


Here are some basic things Fast Food Partners need to know in order to understand the elements listed on this page.

1) Postcards: Our fast food partners have to purchase one of our predesigned postcards to send out with each delivery. The postcard can be stapled or taped on top of the pizza box to attract maximum attention. Once someone scans the QR code on the postcard and orders, you earn your commission!

2) Store ID: This is a unique identifier that helps our tracking algorithm link a sale to the right store. During your signup process, you were asked to enter your store ID on your signup form. If you do not recall what your store ID is, please fill out the contact form on our site and we will reset it for you.

Basic Rule #1.

YOU MAY NOT SPAM UNDER ANY CONDITIONS.  IF our tech dept has been notified there is spam coming from your REFERRAL ID, your account will be immediately closed, and you will forfeit any forthcoming commissions.  

By proceeding, you understand the conditions in #1 directly above.

Once you sign on as a Fast Food Partner,  you will get access to a private dashboard where you can track your clicks and commissions.

Your login credentials will be sent to you via email. To log into your dashboard, click here.

To recruit more stores such as yourself and earn through their sales as well, you can upgrade your membership to an Executive Partner by clicking here. 

Once you've upgraded your membership, you can now sign on subpartners and earn 2.5% through their referral sales. Your subpartner earns 25% for direct sales.

Note: As an added bonus, when you're setting up your subpartner and they order postcards, you'll earn $25 from every order that they make. 

It is important to remember to use your store ID at the end of the URL that you'd be forwarding your subpartners to. This is to ensure that your commissions are attributed directly to you.

Order Your Postcards

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Help businesses generate more profits and earn large commissions for yourself in the process!
These postcards can be handed out to customers with each purchase.