Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. On the inside of the Travel Savings card, you will see a UNIQUE Activation Code and Pin Number plus the URL where to go to activate the account. Once activated, users can login then search, view the details and book a trip. There is NOTHING TO JOIN, NO BLACKOUT DATES and NO TIMESHARE PRESENTATIONS to attend.
Ans. Some businesses sell low-cost products or services and some sell high-ticket products or services. You will want to fit the promotional value to closely match the product/service you’re promoting. It is not recommended you give away $500 in Travel Savings Dollars with a $50 purchase. If you do, your customers may feel there is a “catch”. While either Travel Savings Dollars cost the same (when purchased in bulk), you will get better results by offering a VALUE close to the value of the product (or service) you’re selling.

Ans. No.  The Travel Savings Dollars is the money you save when your customer books a hotel/resort/car rental/more.

Ans. The properties found our our PRIVATE OTA is exactly the same as PUBLIC OTA’s but only at lower prices.

Ans. Yes… and a whole lot more.  Not only can you use your logo, but you also can choose the colors, background images plus room on 2 panels to advertise anything else you wish.  You can even sell the additionals ad panels to non-competing businesses if you choose.
Ans. It depends on the order size.  Order under 2500 units are “generic” using the Travel Planet Network logo and our own ad panels.  These orders are normally shipped within 7-10 working days. Custom orders (2500 units and above) are printed once we have your artwork. Usually 2-3 weeks.
Ans. Maybe. Depends on the industry, physical location and the quantity of the order.
Ans. Soon!  Travel Savings Dollars can be purchased one at a time at 10% of the VALUE.  In other words, $100 Travel Savings Dollars sell for $10 each.  We are building an affiliate program when you will be able to earn 70% of that amount. Go to https://travelplanetnetwork.com/affiliate-program for more information.