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Below are some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) from our consumers. 

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Travel Savings Access Codes

Most online booking engines (called OTAs – Online Travel Agencies) are public sites that sell discounted bookings at retail pricing.

Our booking engine is a wholesale (private) booking engine that is not available to the general public. In fact, we offer the exact same properties which are priced below what Public booking engines charge (i.e., Expedia, Priceline, Booking.com and others).

Once you’ve purchased your Travel Savings Access Codes, you will receive an email containing a unique Activation Code and Pin Number. You will also receive the URL to the website to activate your account.

After activating, you can log in to search for a variety of properties and book your trip. Here, you will see the price and an option to compare prices with Public OTAs, such as Expedia, Priceline, etc.

When using our platform, you will be able to see what most Public OTAs (Expedia, Booking.com, etc.) charge to compare the savings that are offered to you. If you’re still skeptical, you can always go to their sites and check for yourself.


Please keep in mind

Hotels base their prices on three factors: The type of accommodations, The length of stay, and The time of year. Prices will vary depending on your vacation days. Thus, be sure to input the exact same criteria when performing a comparison search.

Once you’ve placed your booking on our Private OTA, and are experiencing any issues with your booking, you need to contact the provider directly (i.e. hotel, resort, car rental company, etc.).

We do not collect any money on the bookings. The money you spend with us only provides you access to the savings that are offered towards bookings.

It depends. Some hotels may or may not have upgrade specials after you book. We recommend you call the hotel directly before booking on our platform. We simply display the discounted rates that the hotels provide us.

Yes. A non-activated savings code is fully transferable. The person activating the savings code must be the person traveling or using the service.

After the savings code is activated, it cannot be transferred and personal information cannot be changed.

No. For the best deals, we recommend you book your flights directly with the airlines. We also recommend using Google Flights to check deals.
According to a FareCompare study, the cheapest days for flights are Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.

You can log into your account and click on the View Reservation link. If the reservation has not yet occurred, you can click Cancel or View to update any information. In addition, you will also be able to call support by logging into your account, clicking on support and then clicking on "Call Our Support Team" 

Important to remember

By partnering with Travel Planet Network, BusinessTRAK does not manage any hotel reservation. We only sell access to the private booking engine which helps you save hotel booking cost.

No, we do not exchange the Travel Savings Code to cash. Your Travel Savings Access Code is the money you save when you or a user books a hotel, resort, car rental and more.

The Partner Program

Now, any type of online or offline business can access our exclusive high-value, low-cost TRAVEL PROMOTION (with a value of up to $500 and a cost of $50 or less) and offer to its audience. When properly promoted, our Program assists your business to:

  • Drive online and offline traffic
  • Generate exclusive leads
  • Close sales
  • Generate revenue/ income for sales companies, independent salespeople
  • Increase donations for nonprofits, schools and religious organizations
  • Reward Employees/ Partners/ Loyal customers

Both Marketing and Executive Partners can sell Travel Planet Network’s Access Codes directly to customers and earn 25% on each sale.

However, Executive Partners have one key advantage, i.e. they can recruit subpartners and earn commission on each sale made through their subpartners!

Learn more about our partnership program by clicking here.


The Give and Receive Program is specially designed for any nonprofit with 501c-3 status and does not require any upfront costs to participate.

Instead of just “asking” for donations, nonprofits can promote this amazing program online (social media or email) or offline (leaflets, postcards) to let their potential donors purchase the Travel Savings Access Codes. When a purchase is made, BusinessTRAK will credit the nonprofit.

Get Started

All you need to do is complete this form, and one of our representatives will contact you to get your nonprofit started in our program.

Prior to activating a Partner account on BusinessTRAK, we will let you select your referral URL. This is used to distinguish your performance compared to other partners.


We recommend you to choose a referral ID relating to business. Also, you will have a “back-office” to update your status 24/7.

The answer is YES!

You’re very welcome! Our Partner Program is suitable for anyone and any type of business. To be specific, they could be individuals, independent salespeople, sales and marketing companies, nonprofits, and schools. In addition, we have lots of bloggers, independent salespeople, even individuals who promote the program to their network and earn commissions, who join our Program.

Your Partner Options

As individuals, you have 2 options of partners: Standard Partners and Business Partners. Learn more here and do not hesitate to get started when you’re ready!