Executive Partner Training

Housekeeping Rules

Here are some basic things Executive Partners need to know in order to understand the elements listed on this page.
1) Subpartners: As an executive partner, you have the option to sign on individuals to act as marketing agents to promote these travel saving plans. You can earn 10% on each sale that they make, if you’re an Executive Partner.

2) Referral ID: This is a unique identifier that helps our tracking algorithm link a sale to the right partner. During your signup process, you were asked to enter your referral ID on your signup form. If you do not recall what your referral ID is, please fill out the contact form on our site and we will reset it for you.

Ways To Earn

There are 4 Types of Sales:

  • Direct Code Sales: If a customer makes a purchase using your referral link (travelplanetnetwork.com/#referralid), you will get 25% of the order amount. If a subpartner of yours makes a direct code sale, you earn 10% of the order amount.
  • Ukraine Product Sales: The Ukraine product is set up to raise donations for Ukraine. To promote this product, you will use (travelplanetnetwork.com/ukraine/#referralid). 50% of the transaction is donated to Ukraine and you earn 10%.
  • Bulk Product Sales: When an individual or a business decides to purchase codes in bulk, they get access to wholesale (discounted) prices. For each direct bulk sale, you get 20%. If a subpartner of yours makes a bulk sale, you earn 5% of the order amount.
  • Referral Lead Sale: You could choose to provide your bulk leads to our team.  If our team is able to close the sale, you get 5% of the order amount.  

Basic Rule #1.

YOU MAY NOT SPAM UNDER ANY CONDITIONS.  IF our tech dept has been notified there is spam coming from your REFERRAL ID, your account will be immediately closed, and you will forfeit any forthcoming commissions.  

By proceeding, you understand the conditions in #1 directly above.

  • You can target companies online through platforms such as LinkedIn, where you can join groups for free and start posting our ads to generate interest. 
  • Offline companies are like tire stores, restaurants, retail stores, banks and credit unions, real estate and insurance agents. These companies are either looking for leads, ways to generate traffic, close sales, or reward employees.
  • Now, stores can simply advertise the promotion. For example, if they are running print ads, the retailer could include in the ad: “SPECIAL XYZ RETAIL PROMOTION! Get ACCESS up to $500 in TRAVEL SAVINGS BELOW prices listed on Expedia, Priceline and more, good at 1 million worldwide hotels and resorts. No purchase is necessary. Get Yours at XYZ Retail Store.” This will drive traffic to the store and help them make more sales WITHOUT discounting.

NO MORE DISCOUNTING! : This promotion is an alternative to discounting. Instead of discounting and slashing profits, businesses can offer this promotion as an incentive to boost sales.

For example, if a business offers a cash discount (for example $100). The business loses $100 in profit if the customer purchases!

However, If They Change The Ad Message To Read:

"Get Up TO $500 In GUARANTEED TRAVEL SAVINGS BELOW Expedia, Priceline and Many Others on 1,000,000 Hotels and Resorts When You Spend $XYZ or More".

With this option businesses lose $11 in profit INSTEAD of $100!

We have divided ad messages into 2 formats – “words” and “images”.  In each group, we have divided the ads into targeting specific types of demographics. We also have ads that can be utilized to show companies how they can use this promotion.  For example, you may want to target call centers, our banners contain ads they can use and we also have a video in our video ads section to help you attract and close call centers. We have several landing pages depending on the type of bulk customer you're targeting:

1. https://businesstrak.com/callcenters
2. https://businesstrak.com/conventions
3. https://businesstrak.com/merchant-partner
4. https://businesstrak.com/banks
5. https://businesstrak.com/iso and more.

You can advertise messages like this almost anywhere – “Learn How to Increase Sales By Offering Customers $500 BELOW the Prices on Expedia. Get Details”, for free, especially in social media GROUPS (for example: targeted Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn groups).

Shortlist the industry you wish to target and begin joining relevant groups accordingly. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an excellent paid tool that you can utilize to shortlist key decision makers in your industries. By targeting the message toward decision-makers, you are more likely to get better results. 

PLEASE NOTE:  You are NOT allowed to purchase a list and send out any message that includes any URL



Posting in Groups – the BEST way to promote FOR FREE.

In order to post in "groups", you will need to join the group FIRST.  It’s 100% FREE.   Before you start joining just any group, it's important for you to understand the different types (markets) of groups you’re joining:

  • To generate revenue by promoting Travel Planet TRAVEL SAVING PLANS (Access Codes), you want to post in groups directed at PEOPLE WHO LOVE TO TRAVEL, or VACATION DEALS, or WEDDINGS for example.
  • If you’re looking for PARTNERS, you will want to consider joining different types of “business groups”, i.e, groups focusing on sales and marketing groups.  Keep in mind, there are other vertical category groups as well, i.e., ROOFERS, SWIMMING POOLS, LANDSCAPE, etc, as the members in these groups are looking for ways to get more customers.  The objective is to get people to click on your AD.
  • We recommend you join as many different groups on Facebook and LinkedIn based on your objective (that we will explain in minute). 
  • Here are two YouTube video links that will teach you how join LinkedIn Groups.

pointing to ANY of our websites.

As a Partner, you have access to training information including a wide variety of IMAGE and WORD ads you can post on social media.  There are 2 different links.  One focuses on promoting Travel Planet, the other on finding new partners.  It's important to understand HOW TO ADD YOUR Partner Link in the right ads (word-ad or image-ad).  When you send out this link, it drives the audience to a "landing page" that will link the visitor to you for up to 60 days. 

For more videos, go to YouTube and search for “joining LinkedIn or Facebook Groups”.

  • The trick when picking groups to join is BE SELECTIVE.
    • For example, if you’re looking to acquire Partners, you will want to join SALES GROUPS, MARKETING GROUPS, AFFILIATE GROUPS, etc. These groups are where you'll be able to interact with marketing directors, chief executive officers and more.
    • If you’re looking to generate money quickly, you will want to focus on businesses who spend a lot on marketing. Businesses who offer discounts are PERFECT for this promotion as this helps them save profits substantially, just by changing their ad message.
  • Again, joining groups is FREE. However, some groups may ask why you want to join the group, others will not.  You will want to join as many groups as possible.  You should pick GROUPS THAT HAVE SUBSTANTIAL MEMBERS AND THAT ARE ACTIVE, not 5 or 10, but hundreds or even thousands of members.
  • You can also post our ads on your Facebook timeline or buy Targeted Ads on different platforms, but only do so if you have experience in the DO’s and DONT’s about buying social media advertising. Here is some help: https://adespresso.com/guides/facebook-ads-beginner/facebook-manager-campaign-setup/
  • You should allow 2 days to focus on JOINING GROUPS. Your goal is to join different groups in different categories (One directed at finding partners, one directed on advertising the TRAVEL BENEFITS from Travel Planet Network).  We recommend setting up a simple Excel spreadsheet, including some information fields like Platform, Group Name, Type of Group, Members in the Group and Date Joined.  We recommend starting with a list of 20 or more groups, but your goal is 100+ groups.

Types Of Businesses That Can Benefit From This Promotion

Business Owners can benefit immensely by increasing sales WITHOUT discounting. By collaborating with BusinessTrak as a Executive Partner, you can help businesses draw in more customers and increase sales. The Access Codes can be purchased in bulk at discounted pricing. 

Ads To Get Direct Sales

Click on an image to expand. To download an image, simply right click on it and click 'save as'. After saving it onto your device, make sure to use your referral ID to ensure your commissions are tracked properly.

Ads To Promote To Businesses

Perfect For Bulk Sales and To Set Up Stores As Subpartners

Click on an image to expand. To download an image, simply right click on it and click 'save as'. After saving it onto your device, make sure to use your referral ID to ensure your commissions are tracked properly.

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