Welcome To The Tour Operator & Restaurant Program

Watch This.  Learn What We Do.

We Help Tour Operators and Restaurants Generate An Additional 25% (Up To $12.50)
Without Selling More Food or Raising Prices.

YOU Get 5% (up to $2.50) On EVERY Order From Each Restaurant You've Set Up.

    Tour Operators and Restaurants can now offer their customers (tourists) an opportunity to purchase access up to $500 in GUARANTEED TRAVEL SAVINGS -BELOW Expedia, Priceline, and others, on 1,000,000 worldwide hotels and resorts for $50 or less.

Customer Benefits


Those who have access can search and/or book a stay at any of 1,000,000 worldwide hotels including thousands of 5-star resorts.  There is also a 2-year, 200% money back guarantee – meaning that if any user hasn’t saved at least three times what they paid for an access code ($50 or less), over two years, we will double their money back.  

A New Profit Center with Little Effort

If you cater to tourists, this is a goldmine.  Keep in mind, The majority of TOURISTS are looking to have fun and if possible, SAVE MONEY.  

Depending the time of year and the location, on average 35% or more travelers will order a Travel Savings Plan.  However, we are going to show you an example using 20%.   

A tour operator or restaurant (the Marketing Partner) that has on average 100 customers (or turns 100 tables) per day, should generate around $7,500 additional revenue per month; 300 customers/tables per day, $22,500 additional. 

Potential Executive Partner Earnings (You)

    • You will average $800 $5000 PER MONEY PER ACCOUNT you’ve set up;

Think of it like this:  Setting up restaurants is like setting up vending machines.  Find a good location.  Provide them (the restaurant) with postcards.  Load the machine (restaurant with tourists does that for you).    Now, it just produces income.

Three Options

1.  Cold-Calling.

  1. We will provide the list.  You get the prospect to the landing page for the restaurants. 
  2. Commission: 5% 

2. No Cold-Calling – You Order Warm Leads

  1. We are connected with a service that can automatically generate leads in any vertical market – and in any worldwide location.  You order as many leads as you choose (roughly $5-$10 per warm lead.  

3. No Cold-Calling – We Provide Warm Leads

  1. If we think you’re a “doer”, we may provide you with 20 WARM LEADS for starters, however, the commission 1/2.
Note:  Leads will only be from inquiries wanting more info.
  • You must have a computer with internet, not just a cell phone.
  • You must be skilled in Excel, and MS word.
  • You will be required to track, manage, and follow-up.
  • Must Communicate Daily via Skype. 

NOTE:  This is NOT A JOB.  

You are an independent contractor and will be responsible for your own expenses.  We recommend you have some funds to generate your inbound leads.  You will also need to have money for at least 4-6 weeks before your commissions start coming in.  

Executive Partner Subscription

FREE to try for 1st 30 days, then $95/mo. or $795/yr.
  • THREE WAYS to Earn
  • Earn $25 For Every Postcard Order
  • Earn 5% On EVERY Order From Restaurants You've Set Up
  • 5% On The Sales Volume for Every Executive Partner You Recruit
  • Includes Free Back-Office