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You'll earn a Minimum
25% of the revenue 
you generate through direct sales

First, WE DO NOT BOOK TRAVEL.  We simply provide ACCESS to a WHOLESALE Travel Database, providing Guaranteed Savings up to $500 BELOW Expedia, Priceline, and others at 1,000,000 worldwide hotels and resorts.

As an Executive Partner, you can promote to travelers directly, or show businesses how they can use this promotion to generate traffic, help close sales, increase profits, and/or create an additional income stream (without selling anything).

Predesigned Ads

We have a variety of ads that you can post on social media, allowing you to select a style that works best for your target customers. 

All of our postcards feature the essential information your customers need to take advantage of our travel deals. You can also choose to hand out business cards with your referral ID

Benefits of Becoming An
Executive Partner

Opportunity To Promote A Winning Product

Almost every individual loves to travel and is looking for a way to save money on their favorite destinations.

By simply promoting this promotion, Executive Partners will receive 25% of each referral ordered - WITHOUT SELLING ANYTHING. You will also have the opportunity to sign on sub-partners and earn 10% through their sales.

Free "Back-Office"

Executive Partners get exclusive access to their private back office, where they can keep track of their sales, commissions and clicks! They can also access their predesigned ads and videos within their back office. These ads can be used to generate leads and sales.

Two OTHER Ways Executive Partners Can Earn

Offer businesses a NO-COST option to   increase revenue and profits with no work on their part. It’s residual income for all. 

Show businesses how they can increase profits by offering this high-value promotion to their customers for under $4. 

Before You Sign Up, Read This.

When filling out the form below, you will be asked to add (create) a “Referral ID”.  This is a unique identifier that tracks your commissions and will be used with any ads/emails you send.  Use your INITIALS + 2 NUMBERS that you will remember.  Example for someone named John Smith, the referral ID could be ‘JS31‘.

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