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How Consumers Can Save Up To $500 BELOW EXPEDIA

Everyone has heard of Expedia, Priceline, Travelocity, and others. They spend millions on TV ads. What most people are not aware of, is there’s a PRIVATE Travel Booking Platforms (like travel agents use), where the real savings happens.

What We Have

With access to this Private Travel Booking Engine, users are GUARANTEED to SAVE up to $500 BELOW THE PRICES ON EXPEDIA for up to 2 years – at 1,000,000 worldwide hotels and resorts including 5-star properties.

There is nothing to join, no blackout dates, no travel restrictions, and no timeshare presentations to attend.  In other words, no gimmicks, just savings. 


Consumers can purchase a Travel Savings Network ACCESS CODE through any Partner’s URL.

PARTNERS EARN 25% to 50% On All Referrals

Only our Partners are permitted to offer Travel Planet Networks TRAVEL SAVING PLANS to consumers.  All a Partner needs to do is simply post any of our ads (along with your Partner referral-id) all over social media  – especially in targeted groups you may have joined (or should join) on Google or LinkedIn.

Businesses (like restaurants, retailers, tour bus companies, Realtors, home improvement contractors, auto repair and tire shops, and many more) can become a Partner and use this promotion to generate traffic, stimulate sales, or generate exclusive leads by using this as one of their in-store promotions using our postcards

We are looking for agents interested in promoting Travel Planet Network on social media. We provide the marketing ads (text and graphics). You simply post them with your referral id (we will even tell you where and how). There is ZERO COST TO YOU. You can track your orders online 24/7.

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