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simply by stapling a 5-cent postcard with every order. 

Everyone LovesSaving Money Traveling

Expedia, Priceline, Orbitz, and others are “PUBLIC BOOKING ENGINES”.  However, most consumers are not aware they can access a WHOLESALE TRAVEL Database (like travel agents use), where they can get GUARANTEED SAVINGS up to $500 on 1,000,000 Worldwide Hotels and Resorts, for $50 or less.

There’s nothing to join.  No blackout dates.  No travel restrictions.  And no timeshare presentations to attend.  

No Gimmicks.  Just Savings.


How It Works

We have developed “trackable postcards” that restaurants simply staple one to very order that describes the promotion.

There is nothing to sell or explain.  They simply sign up as a Marketing Partner – for free.  There is no investment other then printing postcards (averages about $.06 ea), custom printed with their logo, ad, and special tracking link.  

The restaurant earns 25% (up to $12.50) from every order generated from the travel promotion.  

On average Fast food restaurants have 300 customers per day, 9000 per month.  

What’s In It For You?

You will earn 10% of the revenue generated PER STORE.  That means if a store averages 720 per month, you will earn $3600 PER MONTH for each store you set up. 

Since everyone loves to travel and save money and that the postcard is stapled to the order, 80-100% will view the postcard.   Out of 9000 orders, 7200 will at least read the post.  Out of that 50% (3600) will scan the QR code on the back and visit the website.  Out of 3600 view, 20% will order (that’s 720).  720 x $12.50 per order, will generate around $9000 additional revenue per month WITH NO INVESTMENT (other than printing postcards).  

What you need to do

Step 1:  Become an Executive Partner 

Step 2.  Order and mail a marketing postcard to every fast food store (containing your tracking ID) that drives them to a special landing page explaining the FREE PROMOTION.       

Restaurant Partners

Executive Partners

Executive Partners can build teams of Restaurant Partners and earn 5% override on all their referral sales, by simply telling and showing them how easy it is to make money passing out postcards due to this incredible travel promotion.

The primary target market is Restaurants who deliver to customers. 

By signing up restaurants that get a lot of sales per day (For e.g. Fast Food Chains), you can increase your opportunity to generate income!

Executive Partners can build teams of Marketing Partners and earn 5% override on all their sales, by simply telling and showing them how easy it is to make money passing out postcards due to this incredible travel promotion.

Here's The Benefit That Executive Partners Get:

For each sale that your restaurant subpartners make, you get 5-10% commission WITHOUT doing anything, apart from setting them up the first time. It's like setting up your own private cash vending machines.

Note: It is important to ensure that you use your referral link with each restaurant that you sign up. 

Whenever your restaurant subpartner visits the website and places an order for postcards, our system automatically tracks it and you get $25 in commission.

As an Executive Partner, you get access to predesigned ads targeted towards acquiring direct customers AND BUSINESSES such as Restaurants. 

Remember, as an Executive Partner, you have the option to sign on a business as your subpartner. The business can hand out a postcard with each sale. If a customer purchases by scanning the QR code on the postcard, the business gets 25% and you get 5-10% WITHOUT doing anything. (Apart from setting up the business).

The ads include images for social media, videos and much more. 

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