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Here’s How It Works

What most credit card companies struggle with is getting customers to open their marketing promotions. In fact, many customers toss these promotions, without reading them. This is because customers have received numerous similar promotions in the past, and they do not want to waste time reading the same thing.

Everyone Loves To Travel. 

By offering them travel discounts on worldwide hotels, you’re bound to generate tons of new apps.  The money they will save, will be more than enough to offset resort fees, and much more!

To Help Increase Open Rates, add “FREE $500 Worldwide Travel Savings Promotion – JUST TO APPLY” on the envelope.

Once They Read This Message, Curiosity Will Compel Them To Open Your Offer.

On The Inside, add: 

“FREE $500 Worldwide Travel Promotion – Simply apply – approved or rejected – online or offline. 

When you apply, we will send you a coupon for a Travel Planet Network’s “ACCESS CODE” providing entry to a WHOLESALE TRAVEL BOOKING ENGINE, with GUARANTEED SAVINGS up to $500 on hotel or resort accommodations BELOW Expedia, Priceline, and others, for $50.”


Higher open rates

The biggest hurdle for creditcard companies is getting customers to open your correspondence. But with out unique offer attached to it, they will be bound to open it!

more applications

By offering our amazing offer, credit card companies are bound to get more and more applications. The best part is absolutely free for credit card companies!


Credit Card companies can now generate additional revenue to help reduce your marketing expense by using our exciting promotion.


By offering our unique promotion (along with your current offer), you will stand out in the competition with other companies and are bound to get increased response rates.



1 Million Hotels

With one million worldwide properties, customers can choose from a wide variety of choices.

Valid For 2 Years

Customer savings are valid up to 2 years from the date of purchase or until the saving are used up.

No Gimmicks!

Nothing to Join, No Blackout Dates, No Travel Restrictions, and No Timeshare Presentations to Attend.

Win - Win for All

Whether they are accepted OR rejected, they still will receive a coupon for the travel savings offer.

Here’s The Bottom Line

Remember, you’re offering a HIGH Value, LOW Cost Promotion that addresses a HUGE pain point for travelers.

This makes our product a NO-BRAINER!

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