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<h2>After 4 years, we found the silver bullet.  No games, no gimmicks.  Work anywhere you choose.  Work anytime you want.  Car is NOT required. Age is not an issue.  Anyone needing money can do this and a real estate license is optional.  </h2>

<h2>Here’s the deal.</h2>

EVERYONE in real estate KNOWS they must promote themselves if they want to earn commissions.  No questions!  Most agents print and mail postcards to find sellers and buyers, creating an expense – especially in mail costs. We have developed a promotion where THEY CAN NOW GET PAID to promote themselves, and make money between closings.

</h2> Here’s what makes this so lucrative. </h2>

An Agents’ “market” is consumers.  Consumers love to travel.  However, with raising fuel costs and hotel rates (not to mention those dreaded resort fees), everyone is looking for ways to save much as they can.  

</h2> Think about this…  </h2>

How many people do you think would invest $50 (one-time) if they were GUARANTEED TO SAVE up to $500 on their hotel bill – BELOW the rates shown on Expedia, Priceline, and others – over the course of 2 years or until the savings are exhausted – without needing to join anything, no blackout dates, no travel restrictions, and no timeshare presentations to attend?  Not just a few hotels, but now over 1,000,000 WORLDWIDE hotels including thousands of 5-star resorts. <br><br>

The answer?  Almost EVERYONE WHO LOVES TO TRAVEL and Save Money!

<h2> Here’s how the program works. </h2>  

We promote ACCESS to a Wholesale Travel Database that offers the savings at a one-time cost of $50 or less.  We don’t book travel, just sell access to the database offering guaranteed savings.  Once the accesses their account, they can book directly on the wholesale booking platform, similar to Expedia, Priceline and others.

<h2> Getting Paid To Promote Themselves. </h2>

Agents simply order our postcard promotion that includes two places (front and back) where they can promote themselves, then mail them to their audience. Agents receive 25% commission (up to $12.50), when anyone orders a Travel Savings Plan.  Everything is tracked with special custom links and QR codes.  Commissions are paid weekly.  <br><br>

ALL AGENTS are going mail postcards anyway.  Now they can get paid to promote themselves.

<h2> The money. </h2>  

We have 3 ways you can earn – two of them DO NOT require a real estate license.  You look at the charts carefully. Most of you will have questions.  Visit our website, complete the short initial application and we will setup a call.  

<h2> Training. </h2>

The web will answer 95% of your questions.  Executive Partners receive special treatment as we provide pre-written word ads, image ads, social media ads, classified ads (like this), videos and much more.  When you visit our website, you can view a 3-minute video that compares saving to Expedia first-hand so you can see this IS the REAL DEAL.

<h2> If you want to learn more, or ask questions via real chat support, go to</h2>


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