Call Centers Can Now Increase Sales
and Maximize Agent Closing Ratios

Simply By Using This Incredible High Value, Low Cost Incentive!

Simply By Using This Incredible
High Value, Low Cost Incentive!

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If your call center sells products or services for clients, we have a HIGH-VALUE, LOW-COST promotion that can help close sales, costing as little as $4 each, based on quantity.

Here’s What We Offer

BusinessTRAK works with Travel Planet Network to provide access to a private wholesale booking engine, where customers can get access to savings of up to $500 BELOW Expedia, Priceline and Others for $50. By offering potential customers savings on their favorite hotels, call centers can easily close more prospects!

They Save! You Earn!


Many times, agents struggle in trying to close a sale. Instead of offering a discount (often used in closing sales), agents CAN NOW OFFER a simple HIGH-VALUE, LOW-COST promotion that can dramatically increase closing ratios by providing
prospects with a FREE GIFT, to encourage them to order now. Your clients will be happy, plus you'll be able to watch your conversions skyrocket exponentially!

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Expensive Hotel Prices and Resort Fees are one of the biggest concerns for ANYONE who travels. Now your agents can provide potential customers an opportunity to get GUARANTEED SAVINGS up to $500 BELOW the prices of popular booking engines like Expedia, Priceline, etc. Call centers can now close more leads simply by providing a $500 gift (costing you as little as $4). It's a great incentive to purchase your product or service.


By buying codes in bulk, you get access to incredible discounted worldwide hotel accommodations. The minimum order is 500 units and goes all the way up to 50,000 units and more.


There are 3 Travel Saving Plans, $100, $250 and $500. We offer our Wholesale Partners the opportunity to choose their own code values.