Business-to-Consumer Postcards

About Our B2c Postcards

Your business is always free to use the digital ads you can find in your back-office on your company website; however, we find one of the best ways to market to your customers is through the use of postcards.

We recommend displaying the postcards at your reception desk, tabletops and high-traffic areas. Personally handing the postcards to your customer at checkout is another great way to drive your consumers to your partner link.


Consumer Marketing Postcards

The following postcards are used to directly market to your customers. We intentionally created additional ad space to promote the business, along with the opportunity to offer any exclusive deals ⏤ thus, serving 2 marketing purposes in 1.

Ad Space Options

1) You provide the graphics and we will add it to the footer of the postcard.
*Ad space dimensions are 1.5″ X 4″. 

2) Provide us with all the required details, and we fill in our template with your company’s information. A $25 design fee is required.

After extensively testing several designs we are proud to offer your business 5 different high-converting marketing postcards. These 4 X 6 postcards are a great tool to share compelling travel savings information to your customers and drive traffic to the website using YOUR partner link and/or special QR code.

Select the design that is most suitable for your company’s demographics and start generating additional revenue. Each design comes in a set of 500 or 1000.

Hover over the postcard to see the backside.