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We provide access to a PRIVATE OTA (Online Travel Agency) that provides

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Nothing To Join. No Travel Restrictions. No Blackout Dates. Good For 2 Full Years

The choice is enormous. Over 1,000,000 hotels and resorts worldwide, including 5-star properties.

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BusinessTrak Premium Partners have the ability to:

We Help Businesses Increase Sales In Retail

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Instead of advertising a 2-for-1 promotion (where restaurants lose money), let your guests know how they can receive up to $500 travel savings at over a million worldwide hotels or resorts – for a small fee.

Your restaurant can promote THREE WAYS:

1) Advertise this promotion to attract new customers on their website

                                                              2) Place a small table-top stand on each table to display our “4 x 6” postcard

                                                              3) Place the postcard in their guests check presenters.

Our one-sided postcard will let your guests know to ask their server for details. When requested, the server would hand them the two-sided consumer marketing postcard, which explains the program. You also have “ad-space” at the bottom of the postcard to offer consumers a free or discounted dessert, appetizer, or beverage on their next visit.

Tour bus companies can dramatically increase tours as well as profits, simply by offering consumers $500 in savings on their next hotel or resort booking.

To do this, simply place high-converting and focus group tested postcards on each seat prior to loading passengers.



In addition, our postcards offer ad space, which allows tour bus companies to promote other tours, products, or services.

To allow tour bus companies to earn extra revenue with no out-of-pocket investment, we can also provide FREE POSTCARDS. However, the ad space would be sold to a non-competing business, and the commission would decrease from 50% to 25% of the commission.

Retailers can run ads to drive traffic in their store by offering consumers up to $500 in Travel Savings for a flat $50. They can either advertise the promotion to attract potential new customers by adding “No Purchase Is Necessary”. Otherwise, they can give consumers a postcard when checking out at the register.

Our high-converting and focus group tested marketing postcards also offer “ad space”, which allows retailers to promote any additional products or sales.

Do you work for any large company and are required to make as many sales presentations as possible? Or simply work on straight commission? Offering your prospects a $100 Travel Savings Plan (that will cost you $5) is a great way to open doors (give a proposal). 

On the other hand, if you close the sale, you can offer a $500 Travel Saving Plan instead – (costing you $25). You can advertise the promotion to attract new potential customers by adding “No Purchase Is Necessary”.

Chambers are designed to support local business owners. Now, chambers have the ability to offer their members a unique opportunity to attract customers and create an additional profit center. The best part is that it is beneficial for both the business owner AND the Chamber itself. 

When the Chamber chooses to become our “Premium  Partner”, they will earn $98 when each business also becomes a Premium Partner. The chamber can also offer members a 50% discount ($98) when they signup.

Each participating business receives 50% each time a consumer places an order for an ACCESS CODE, the CHAMBER will earn 10% bonus as well.   

Credit unions and banks love providing their members with additional benefits! All they need to do is send out our marketing collateral with their referral ID to their members.  Meanwhile, they could offer their members an additional 50% savings on the program. 

Secondly, another option is to use the promotion to attract new members or when someone applies for a new loan. The revenue that is generated could be used as another profit center, given to a charity, or anything they choose.

Our Business Postcards

With FREE ADVERTISING For Your Business

Generate money by passing out a postcard. So simple.

We have a variety of designs (horizontal and vertical) for you to choose from, allowing you to select a style that works best for your industry and demographics. All of our postcards feature the essential information your customers need to take advantage of our travel deals. Plus, you have the option of ad space to offer additional promos to your customers, which also allowing increase sales in retail.

Consumer Marketing Postcards

Our full-color promotional postcards are used to educate your customers on our Travel Promotion. We intentionally created additional ad space to promote any product or service directed to help your business increase sales in retail. You can purchase postcards to help sponsor your favorite nonprofit organization or school, where the organization distributes the postcards to raise funds with YOUR ad on the bottom.  


2 Ad Space Options:

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Premium Partner

$ 197 /Month
  • 40% of referral fee paid on all new Premium Partners (excluding self).
  • 10% referral fee paid for each Premium Partners who renews
  • 40% referral fee on Travel Planet Access Codes
  • 10% bonus on ALL Partners’ orders
  • Access to training section
  • Access to a complete back-office 24/7
  • Ad Library – Prewritten/ Designed ads you can use to promote