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You will now have access to all our ads, strategy, and knowledge on the benefits of BusinessTRAK and how it can generate sales/additional income for your business.   If you elect not to continue as a Business Partner, you can still earn and generate revenue as a STANDARD PARTNER but will lose some of the financial benefits of being a Business Partner.

As a reminder, Business Partners receive 40% on ALL SALES through your Referral ID. We have taken 2 years to develop a process where you can generate money or generate exclusive leads. Only Business Partners can do both. We want to make sure EVERYONE WINS.

Before we begin, you need to know:

YOU MAY NOT SPAM UNDER ANY CONDITIONS. IF our tech dept has been notified there is spam coming from your REFERRAL ID, your account will be immediately closed, and you will forfeit any forthcoming commissions.
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TWO TYPES of Business Partners.



The first thing most business owners look for are HIGH-VALUE, LOW-COST desirable products or promotions that can attract a wide audience.  With all that’s been happening with Covid, Masks, and Vaccinations, people have a HUGH DESIRE to leave home and go somewhere.  The truth is, millions WANT what we have.  WORLDWIDE TRAVEL SAVINGS – anywhere from $100-$500, that they can get for 90% OFF face value.  In other words, the save $500 on hotels and/or resorts – BELOW the prices posted on Expedia, Priceline, etc., consumer pay $50 with a 2-Year, 200% money-back guarantee.  

If a consumer purchases a Travel Savings Plan using your partner-id, you will earn 40% of what they spend (per unit).  If they buy a $500 Travel Savings Plan for $50, you will earn $20.  Also, if any of the Partners you recruited generates an order for a Travel Saving Plan, you will earn 10% on that order too. 

So, your job is simple.  Just advertise – by posting our ads on social media along with your partner-id.  


Offline company’s, like tire stores, restaurants, retail stores, banks and credit unions, real estate and insurance agents – all need ways to generate traffic, and/or help in closing sales WITHOUT discounting their product or service.   With this promotion, it’s easy.

Stores simply advertise the promotion. For example a tire store could include something like this in their ad, “Let Us Give You A Quote On New TIres and Get $100 on 1 Million Worldwide Hotels and Resorts.  No Purchase Is Necessary”  which will generate traffic, Or it could say:  “Buy A Set Of Tires and Get A $500 Travel Savings Gift”.   

In the later example, the $500 gift, will cost the Tire Store (provided he is a Business Partner), $30.  He’s giving a $500 travel saving gift that will cost him $30.  THIS WILL DRIVE TRAFFIC.  

It gets even easier.  If the Tire Store signs up as a Business Partner, you’ll earn 40% of $197 ($78.80) PLUS 10% more on every one of his orders.  However,  if he is franchise operator, he can recruit other Tire Stores franchise owners and will earn 40% of every Business Partner that signs, plus 10% on all their Travel Saving Plan orders.