The Perfect Customer Appreciation
Gift For Attorneys

An Innovative Way For Attorneys To Reward Current Clients To Build Long Lasting Relationships

Reward Clients By Giving Them An Incredible Free Gift

Customer Appreciation plays a pivotal role in the success of any organization. We have a way for attorneys to foster happy client relationships by providing customers a free HIGH-VALUE gift.

Imagine handing out a savings plan (that GUARANTEES $500 in Travel Savings) to your clients, costing you as little as $4.

Here's How It Works

Travel Planet Network provides access to a wholesale travel booking engine. This booking engine allows customers to get travel savings of up to $500 BELOW Expedia, and others for $50.

BusinessTRAK sells Travel Planet Network ‘Access Codes’ to attorneys in bulk. Keep reading to learn how these codes could be beneficial to your practice.

Ways Attorneys Can Use These Codes

Free-Gift With Booked Consultations

Thank potential clients for booking a consultation or use these codes to incentivize clients to take action, for example, offering a $250 travel savings plan for signing today.

Client Appreciation - Thank You Gift

Use these Access Codes to provide free 'gifts' to loyal clients. This strategy produces incredible engagement and induces further loyalty!

Employee Incentives

Companies can utilize these codes to provide employee rewards and incentives to maximize efficiency and boost motivation. The Attorneys at your practice are going to love getting rewarded for their hard work!

Bulk Pricing - Updated: 9/15/22

100 Units

$ 24.97

250 Units

$ 14.97

500 Units

$ 10.97

1,000 Units

$ 8.47

1,500 Units

$ 7.47

2,500 Units

$ 6.47

5000 Units

$ 5.97

10,000 Units

$ 5.47

25,000 Units

$ 4.47

50,000+ Units

$ 3.97

Additional Benefit

Choose The VALUE of Access Codes

You can select the VALUE of the discount code according to your preference. Choose from $100, $250 and $500 in savings provided its in 500 units per value.

How To Present This Promotion To Your Clients

Customized Gift Cards Included

When you order, we will also include a custom-printed (full color -3.5" x 5") gift card with an envelope. The card will contain a coupon code (and URL for instructions) how the recipient can activate the gift.

You can either provide the artwork (we will provide you the details once you order), or our art department can create one for you for nominal price.

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