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We help organizations grow their customer/ donor base and generate revenue that’s necessary to focus on their core missions of business, education, and charitable giving.

CEO’s Message

For decades, businesses have tried many ways to get consumers to TAKE ACTION, for instance, offering them a product discount, giving a free-gift-with-purchase, or providing an incentive to attend a seminar/webinar… However, I believe that discounting or giving low-value free gifts is not likely enough to motivate people to take action.

Stafon Levine
CEO & Founder

3 things you must consider when stimulating your audience

It must be HIGH-VALUE

Most consumers will not TAKE ACTION to get a free baseball cap, tee-shirts, calendar,... The gift value needs to be substantially more than a cash discount.

It must be LOW-COST

In order to INCREASE PROFITS, the giveaway must cost less than the amount of dollar offered using a discount

It must appeal to a WIDE AUDIENCE

An incentive which is SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE will help the business attract a wider potential audience and raise more revenue.

BusinessTRAK is a Game-Changer

We have thought about a product that matches all three criteria by asking ourselves a question “What’s the one thing most adults love to do?”

Well, the answer is quite simple. Everyone loves traveling. 

As a result, we have partnered with Travel Planet Network (TPN) (  

We market this Travel Savings Promotion through our network of “Partners”.  They can purchase or sell our HIGH-VALUE, LOW-COST Travel Promotion to their audiences. Once someone makes a purchase, our Partners can receive up to 50% of all revenue generated.

We partner with small to mid-sized companies, independent agents (like insurance and real estate), as well as nonprofits, schools, and religious organizations around the world, with a mission of helping them promote their business and generate substantial profits at a cost of pennies on the dollar!

We are disrupting the industry space and partnering with organizations who truly care about their audience and consider them as real partners as we do.

Now, any type of online or offline business can provide an incentive (with a value of up to $500 and a cost of $50 or less) to their donors, supporters, employees and customers. When properly promoted, it can drive traffic, generate leads, increase sales and donations for your organizations.

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