To Increase Traffic and Profits.

couple eating

Many restaurant owners think offering “buy 1, get 1 free” is the answer to attracting new customers, but is it really?

Here’s the problem.

Giving away a free meal is costly – both in actual food cost and labor.  In addition, servers earn less in tips (who earn money based on the price of the bill).

Consider this. 

You can now INCREASE your profits and attract more traffic simply by offering a valuable $200 “FREE-GIFT” when they spend any specified amount of money (you determine) at your restaurant.

Here’s the best part.  This promotion can cost as little as $3 which will increase your profits as we’re sure it costs much more giving away a free meal.    In addition, if your wait-staff talks up this promotion, everyone wins… increases profit, increases tips, and your customer got a GREAT-GIFT worth $200.   

It’s also a perfect customer and/or employee “appreciation gift” for the holidays, and a very inexpensive employee benefit perk as well.

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