$500 vs. $250

Travel Savings access code benefits

We genuinely want you to receive the best experience for your dollar!

In the example below, the hotel shown, along with the booking criteria, is exactly the same whether you purchase a $500 or a $250 Travel Savings Access Code (TSAC).
The only difference is the the money you save.

This is the $500 TSAC account

 In this example, the user purchased a $500 TSAC (for $50) and saved $500 below Expedia/Priceline, etc.

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This is the $250 TSAC accounTS

In this example, the user purchased $250 TSACs (for $25) and saved $250 below Expedia, Priceline, etc.

Please Note:  ALL RATES depend on the time of the year, what special events are going on in the city you choose, property type, and the length of time.


They would have saved an additional $250, simply by purchasing the $500 Travel Savings Access Code for only $25 more.